Lloyd Banks – A.O.N: Failure’s No Option (Tracklist)

blame it on Shake October 30, 2013

After much delay, Lloyd Banks and DJ Drama are finally delivering their much-anticipated mixtape tomorrow (Halloween). And before the two drop Failure’s No Option — the first installment of the All Or Nothing series — they provide the official tracklisting. Coming in at 16-tracks, Banks keeps the features at a minimum, calling on Vado, Styles P, Raekwon (“Drop A Diamond“) and Mr. Probz. Take a look at the titles below.

lloyd banks tracklist

01 The Natural
02 Failure’s No Option
03 Pain In Variety
04 You Wish
05 Reminder
06 Paint the Sky f. Vado
07 The Plague
08 Lead the Blind
09 Daily Betrayal
10 Cover Me f. Styles P
11 Keep Up
12 Tour Stories
13 My Flight
14 Drop a Diamond f. Raekwon
15 House Pride
16 No Surrender f. Mr. Probz

  • WiseWords

    I want to see a music video from this mixtape.
    Whats really the point of releasing music banks if you don’t want it to get more popular? You have the material just not the buzz. You can’t just wait till one of your songs blow up on their own (like Beamer Benz or Bently) and then sign to a shitty label that ships 1/4th of how much they should’ve. Come on Banks #PLK

  • Real Talk

    Banks has to just be over it in some ways, he’s known the game for awhile. He was with G-Unit during their rise and fall.

    He’s young and he’s been rich for awhile now.

    He seems to be a purist, mainly focusing on the art, never too worried about the industry and business side of things.

  • mpls612

    can’t wait! banks got a lot of talent, but he’s too anti social. hopefully he can find somebody that’ll help him make bigger moves!

  • jewiii

    Fuck you wisewords. Not everything is about being popular. You gimmicky egotistical bitch.

  • muk

    ^^^ chill out man

  • who cares

    Dope. Can’t wait to give this a listen. Been waiting too long for this shit.

  • Kno1

    I’m glad Banks never Swarmed us with tapes like Pap did.
    Banks’ tapes are like gold dust rather than tapes that collect dust.

  • LA



  • killa

    this guy needs more recognition. he has better lyrics then french montana and meek mill combined but the new generation of listeners rather listen to chief keef then lloyd banks. maybe thats how it was when 50 cent came around. we were young and we thought it was the best shit but when we grew out of it and listen to it again yes the records are still good but he had no lyrics or punchlines but at the moment it was best thing out. maybe its like that to younger generation right now as well. banks truly is underrated and i feel bad for his talent to go to waste because for me he has nice delivery,wordplay lyrics punchlines and nice flow. he has songs that are telling a story entire song.he has songs that give good message and he has songs for clubs/radio. i just dont get it how hes not that famous the world.

  • King Kaddie

    Ryan Alexy is next up #GWMG

  • Jay

    @killa 50 not lyrical??? Just b/c he didn’t use metaphors much doesn’t mean he wasn’t lyrical

    Shit like “Now it’s clear that I’m here, for a real reason Cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain’t fucking breathing! that was some real shit and you can feel the pain and anger behind his words!


  • Slruim

    If I had a record label, the first dude I’d sign is Banks. He has more skill and wit than French Montana, Rick Ross, etc..

  • thorbin

    Wanna hear that song whit mr probz all the way from amsterdam

  • koolio

    Yeah Banks could do with a music video or two. He has made solid tapes for the last 3/4 years now.

  • killa

    @jay thats what im saying he was good and he had some true lines about his life in his rhyms but no lyrics. and now days its not even worth listening to him coz he raps about same shit for 15 years now. but banks in other hand switches up his style as the game changes by time. because banks is really talented. you can tell his determined to give out FREE but most importantly quality and album material songs!!!

  • There was a video of 50 talking about banks when he was asked about their falling out / if banks was leaving gunit that really pretty much hit the nail on the head. Banks loosing his pops was probably the last straw I just dont see him ever wanting to go into that mainstream lane or finding his way out his situation. Though I’ve always secretly prayed he somehow ended up joining dblock lolol. In many ways hes the styles p of gunit. He had a chance to go major but will probably always be indie period but for us the listeners its not a bad thing. I agree with the above commenter he should work on making more videos though he could make some youtube loot off some nicely done cheap videos and get some more buzz.

  • rakim87

    What about a full album with a beatmaker?
    Banks & Marco Polo or Banks & Apollo Brown?
    Torae, H.Staxx, O.C. and Guilty Simpson made great albums with this two producers that made their talents shine.

  • Koolio

    Definitely Banks and a dope beatmaker for a whole project would be a great look. Remember when Ye’ said Banks was the most underrated MC?!

  • rakim87

    I think he is really underrated: he has an unique timber of voice, a rapping style that let him to be a story-teller or a rhymer successfully. A full album with a beatmaker would be build around him and so would be more cohesive and powerful then just an album with a collection of producers.

  • Ty-Nitty

    track 11 produced by me follow me on twitter/instagram @tynitty_mdc

  • Ronald Johnson

    Yo who is taking on track 12 tour stories