• muk

    u ever gonna update that 'our favorites' section shake??? its annoying me, u gettin lazy??

  • muk

    u spell it 'favourite' too. jus sayin, its called English not american, for a reason, u yanks cant spell

  • Juicy-G

    This is GRRREATTT!!!!! *Tony The Tiger* voice.

  • biff tannen

    Thank god! The west needed someone to represent it properly after that god awful dom kenedy album.

    This here is nice. That tru blood track is smooth as eggs.

  • http://triv1904.tumblr.com/ Earl100

    Dope Album didn't drop $100 but I paid for it

  • psymun


  • daniel

    people be sleeping on Co$$ shits dope!

  • markaveli

    shit is dope!! i downloaded without paying but after listening, I'm gonna re-download and pay what i can...the west needs this.