Curren$y – 442 f. Lil Wayne & ‘Sh*t

blame it on Shake October 31, 2013

Spitta reunites with Wayne and Shit for a Monsta Beatz-produced jam. Radio rip for now. UPDATE: Hear the CDQ below.

  • jko

    hot spitta…glad to hear him on this type of flow again

  • peaceofpi

    This “shit” gimmick is getting really stale. If it were someone who’s shady/unreliable/an asshole, I’d understand, but this is a dude who gives out turkey dinners EVERY YEAR in his hometown. Shitty music =/= shitty person.

    I dunno why I’m posting this. This level of creative expression is par for the course for Shake, “wanna know who my favorite rapper is? please?” Meka, “you name it, I’ve got the vinyl” JES, and the handful of 2dbz interns.

  • ***************************

    ^ Turkey dinners for people in birdman’s hometown is nothing for him and the least he could do

  • stepitup

    anyone else noticing the very poor quality of mixing done?

  • J_Sleazy

    Seriously, the Birdman/Shit joke is almost as gay as the Waka Flocka/Fozzie Bear one.

  • Yeah, the fact that they still can’t just type out Birdman is really petty. It’s that type of stuff that holds this blog back. There is no journalistic integrity when all of their bias and snobbery is so obvious. Anyways, a moot point like the other dude said, won’t change anything. The song is dope though, lookin’ forward to a CDQ of it. Spitta and Wayne tracks have always been dope.

  • LoweKeySole

    This is 2dopeboyz’ blog. Which means they can do anything whatever the fuck they want. If you don’t like how they give people certain names, stop typing in you internet browser & move the fuck on.

  • u


    Fuck outta here with that 6 year old logic. “They do it cause they can” bullshit logic. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t make it a smart or good idea.

    I don’t care enough to go out and find another music blog. Is it a big deal that they constantly put “shit” instead of Birdman? No…but that doesn’t make it any less dumb. As someone else said, it’s just petty to be honest. For people who are trying to run a (somewhat) professional blog, it’s pretty amazing that they’d do something so unprofessional and amateur.

  • me

    ‘Sh*t had the best verse


    Meka can go suck a fuck, he probably gets on his knees and fondles Birdman’s balls with his tonsils every time he sees him.

  • Da Gawd

    I love the fact that they call him ‘Sh*t

  • Jus Keepin it 100

    I’m glad the c-section finally brought that shit up about Shake and them calling Birdman “Sh*t” and Wacka “Fozzie Bear” that shit is just dumb and on some elementary level type shit if you’re gonna post their music then post their names correctly and have some damn professionalism

  • Yeezus

    why does it matter what they call them? they started this blog and didn’t ask any of you to come here. you can easily go to any other NMC site that has more respect for rappers if you don’t like it.


    The Track is Dope “I don’t usually fuck wit Birdman but when I do He’s on a Spitta Track ” most interesting man in the world voice

  • DynamicShots

    It was funny at first, but it is kind of corny by this point. Like the joke has worn out it’s purpose and barely hanging on. like @u said. I could really care less, I just come here because they post music that I like but some of the writing on this site makes me cringe sometimes.

  • Real Talk

    Yeah, you can tell by the way they move that Meka is a straight DUMBASS, and Shake is a straight FAGGOT.

    It takes strength and integrity to not be a bitch, just goes to show how weak Shake is as a person.

  • To the few defending their childish naming of certain rappers saying “they can do what they want” ..well guess what? So can we. If we want to make our voice be heard about their wack labeling then we can too. It’s sad that they make a conscious effort to put the nicknames because they don’t like the artist. So we’re making an effort to let them know they should grow up. Will they? Highly unlikely, as many have stated the writing on this site has gone downhill in a major way. It’s a shame because when they first started up it was a lot different. Now we get this type of shit.

  • top lel

    i just hate how i always scroll past waka flocka or birdman because they still think its funny to put up their gay little nick names shake and meka made up

  • Swag

    Lil Wayne always turns up on a curren$y feature. It’s like he snaps back into real nigga mode

  • aremac

    i agree with most of y’all. They really need to drop the ‘Sh*t’ thing, it’s in poor taste and real shit, neither one of those fools (Shake or Meka) would call him that to his face. Period.

  • hayes

    “Any more ideas, (I got some) suggestions anyone?”
    “How ’bout we stay up all night, on the blog sites”
    “Spread, vicious lies and nasty rumors we could all write”
    But that’s all right, let the nerds hate
    Cause in my face though, them words getin’ ate
    And hatin’s hard work, when I just bounce back
    This God work, tell all the haters I’m back!

  • nahmean

    spitta fell off sorry y’all

  • what u niggaz complainin fo, shit is shit no matter what its birdshit or other shit uknowwhatimsayin

  • Dada u modasuckas


    Shut your bitch hipster ass up. Spitta is straight fuck Wayne and SShit lol. Nigga’s mad because they callin they fav rapper what he actually is and he is garbage.

  • Spitta fell off? That’ll be the day.

  • The mixing sounds weak cuz it’s a radio rip… Radio tracks are mastered to a low sample and bit rate due to the old technology not being able to transfer as much data as some of the other radio waves