• killa

    stop blaming itunes nigga u know banks dropping tday so u better move ur shitt back coz everything else is getting overlooked

  • Pauly D

    #FredoInDaCut #JustKno #HiiiPower

  • Mt

    If Meka ever steps foot in Chicago, I'll smack that negro just for being affiliated with Shake. Word to Lupe.

  • http://Ashriservstheworld.com Ash riser

    Kendrick made me do it, have to say I killed that vocal before Kendrick's verse tho. Lol

  • justenjoythisshit

    Kendrick's verse.

  • soulo hoe

    king kendrick this man can not do anything wrong atm

  • Darter

    This shit is fire his album is gonna be straight fire, and to the dude saying Banks is coming, who care. He will not sell shit, I bet you Fredo will sell more copies than that fufu as nigga.

  • LA

    Fredo my nigga! He went hard....Nice to see he him working with K.dot

    I didn't see this coming!

  • http://eb0nics.wordpress.com Ebony

    I swear Fredo looks so fuckin creepy lmfao

  • koke

    Lmao look at all the dick riders, stay hating on GBE but put Kendrick on a song and yall faggots love it smh lol

  • kl


  • yerp

    after kendrick verse, the rest of the song just doesnt work

  • dun

    anyone else notice kendrick came with the z-ro flow at the beginning of his verse?

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    even with kendrick on it this is still trash