Lloyd Banks – A.O.N: Failure’s No Option (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake October 31, 2013
lloyd banks FNO

After numerous delays and setbacks, Lloyd Banks and DJ Drama have finally delivered the first installment of their All Or Nothing series with the release of Vol. 1: Failure’s No Option. Keeping the features to a minimum, Banks calls on Raekwon, Vado, Styles P and Mr. Probz for assistance. Stream/download below.

lloyd banks tracklist

  • killa


  • justmeok

    Really didn’t like his last tape and the poor quality but this right here is dope and great quality and just sounds all around better. Other rappers should take notes when you have talent you ain’t gotta have 100 features.

  • AndOneill

    maaaann!!!! now this is hiphop,,, fuckin fire ass tape. beats on this are 2dope, he been taken his time waitin on the perfect joints. PLK

  • yooo

    holy fuckin shit. so fuckin slept on..smh this is more then dope

  • Lusty Luciano

    Jesus this tape man. Smh

  • lbc

    Yo i gave it a fast listen and i have to say failure is an option.
    This is far away from that classic The Cold Corner 2, damn i was hoping for a good ass mixtape…

  • Killaaa

    tape is unreal. listen to “house pride”, holy fuck

  • Wow

    The Song With Mr. Probz (Song 16) is the best song of this tape by far… Dope tape
    And its funny to see how Young Buck and Llord are coming back right now

  • blockroyal

    shit i just heard the first track my niggah banks! went in!

  • Real Talk


    This shit is fire

  • LaFlame

    Amsterdam’s finest Mr Probz on this shit!

  • MewLover34

    @Real Talk, Yeah, no.

  • Truth

    As someone who is very critical of the music comin out lately, this tape is absolute fire. Maybe the best project I heard this year, and I listen to everything. Production is dope, and you can tell how serious Banks takes his craft. Dope tape

  • datbul

    Wow. Highly impressed. Never exactly been a Lloyd Banks fan but this mixtape is nothing short of standout. The overall vibe feels like an homage to late nineties gritty New York Hip Hop– particularly in the choice of infectious yet never overwhelming beats. Lloyd’s flow is as tight as I’ve heard from anyone in the game, and, perhaps most surprisingly, his lyrics seem to be more introspective than ever. I don’t think there’s one bad song on the album, and a good 3/4 is well above average. Again, thoroughly impressed. Of course, this probably has a good deal to do with going into the project with no expectations.

  • Solongbitchyoudidmesowrong


  • Tino

    Dope! Banks nigga, blue Hefner hoe!

  • Frost

    sounds dope, but i’ll wait for the No DJ version…

  • kl

    Mixtape king

  • killa

    this shit is too good

  • J Dub

    The first track is good & thats about it. The rest of the tape is boring. This is not his best effort lyrically. I give it 2 out of 5 stars.

  • mpls612

    g-unit and the lox should do a album together!

  • 2dope4nope

    PLK for a reason, and true waits for non dj tape just like Crenshaw but lucky some joints I kept w/o drama screaming but this tape too dope!

  • word

    i had to download it to put it in my phone. now i cant wait until no dj version drops!!! house pride !!!!

  • Truth Siren

    Tape is fiya and all you bitches need to stop whining about Dj Drama over the track he makes the tape more hype and he’s not as bad as he used to be either niggas just deal with it

  • adi Pre

    Fucking dope, this and BC2, good Friday.

  • Ty-Nitty

    track 11 prodcued by me follow @tynitty_mdc on twitter/instagram

  • Mlbredsox

    STRAIGHT FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pharaoh

    @J Dub, lol stfu. I give your mom 2 out of 5 stars. Your opinion has no validity, go listen to your drake album. Peasant.

  • Pharaoh

    “Chain still swing like freak couples” CRAZY LINE!

  • whatup

    top5 for sure after listening to eminem.

  • killa

    this deserves a side banner!!!

  • Prevster

    This has got me noddin my head again… Impressive

  • kayo

    Banks at it again this shit is DOPE. death to the fake

  • newyorker

    lyrically and everything so underrated. he is deff better then the 90% rappers out today. most rappers get worse after 10 years but banks improves and stays relevant even tho the game changed so much from 2000s to now

  • Georgia Catron

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  • blkmrclean

    The is MIXTAPE/Rap Album of the year. Need more music like this. Deserves all the love it can get.