Happy Halloween From Nicki Minaj

blame it on Illy October 31, 2013
nicki minaj costume

Nicki Minaj decided to help end the Halloween evening with a bang. Taking to Instagram, she revealed her “Dominatrix Police Officer” costume. New music on the way? Who cares.

nicki minaj costume

  • Lord of the Traps Nigga

    This bitch a fugazy rapper but damn i’ll stick my beef cake in this hoe on tha real. Shove my dick in her poop shoot, then tune that kirby vacuum cleaner of a mouth with some of my donation ceremony word up. I will lick this bitch armpits and ear fuck dis bitch to give me a treat bitch.

  • Butter her muffin

    I would fuck, But who wouldn’t? She might as well drop some nudes or a sextape yo.

  • D!3

    she is that fine i would let her take a shit on me

  • KING

    This chick annoys me and everything… But damn.

  • saul

    As long as she has a sextape coming out, I’m fine with these blue balls the bitch giving me right now

  • ianism

    lol at “New music on the way? Who cares.” she’s really really not my type though

  • Chase


  • Liam

    She has a pic of her self as a iPhone case. Smh

  • eeererer

    so classy as usual

  • LA

    @ianism Yea Precious is more of yo type!

    You can say whatever about her music but if you think nicki ain’t bad you must be gay

  • 2tall

    I got a treat for this trick lol!

  • troytrav

    @LA Just because one silicon-filled heaux isn’t a guy’s type, he’s gay? Grow up dude. Nicki Minaj, Zzz.

  • dun

    @LA nah, that bitch isn’t even sexy. she looks like a blowup doll, her stomach is WAY too skinny, makes her proportions look mad retarded. plus look at her fuckin googly eyes in the first pic. her make up is a constant disaster not to mention all that plastic surgery on her face completely ruined her shit. AND her hair looks like it’s about to fall out.

    she don’t even look like a high class hooker.

  • dun

    by the way, normally i’m not one to dissect a woman’s appearance like that, but i’m sick of this chick getting a pass to make noise pollution “because she’s hot”…. because she isn’t.

  • nigel.noir

    are these halloween pics or post-surgery pics to show off that she’s complete cyborg/animitronix now? I’ll say this; if I were to meet an actual human being that looked like this…..I’d have to consider banging that out for real.

  • jenzo


  • Nasty Man

    I’d pay her 50 bucks to sit on my chest and fart.

  • who cares

    I swear, I hate this bitch and her music, but goddamn… the things I would do to her. *jerks it*

  • nuff

    i’d gangbang her

  • mz

    Damn somehow I’m still amazed at how fine she is damn.
    And people should really stop hating on Nicki. She makes pop rap and has millions of fans that love what she does, why that gotta affect you? I don’t really dig it but she makes some catchy ass pop songs and actually somewhat has bars.

    idk maybe its just my dick talking

  • tm8o

    yuck, too trashy

  • roCK

    i cant picture minaj bein submissive yo

  • zlbMrOG

    would love some backshots…dat ass.

  • HesusDuece

    damn this bitch got bleached more than Mike

  • bryana

    damn I hate this bitch with a passon like you got your boobies don’t and butt done lord know you probably got your pussy done lmao bitch get a life all these niggaahhss want you but you being a hoe I guess they likes hoes like you

  • Tricia

    I wish she can read these replies and see how cheap she is…she has no value. Well just like the dolly she wants to be, when a new bitch comes on the scene, she will easily be replaced, out old, in with the new!

  • FakenessOUT

    Nasty as fuck, this talentless bitch makes me sick to my stomach.
    It would have been a happy Halloween if this plastic cunt was thrown in the sea with cement shoes.

  • FakenessOUT

    How the fuck is this nasty, plastic and fake piece of shit considered hot?

  • datbitchnicki

    i’ll jizz in

  • Exhibit C

    Lmao these comments make me seriously question the value of the human race. But posting pictures like this I guess she deserves it.

  • Dave

    Niggas hate on her pop ass, but she is no worse than that wack ugly 40 year old man looking Lorde and Katy Perry get real niggas.