Yelawolf & DJ Paul – Black Fall (FreEP)

blame it on Shake October 31, 2013
yelawolf dj paul black fall

After releasing the first single “Light Switch” a little over a week ago, Yelawolf and DJ Paul hit us with their new extended-play. Rittz makes the lone feature in the five-track project that’s available for stream/download below.


  • NSD

    hard as fuck
    dude should’ve been on MMLP2


    I agree ^

  • yes! better then i then i expected

  • justmeok

    i heard this was gonna be rock n roll so wasn’t expecting much but this is hot that mastermind track is fire

  • Real Talk



  • Jus10

    Strange seeing “Shady Records” and “Three 6 Mafia” logos paired together.

  • Jus10

    Yelawolf actually sounds really good on that Three 6 Mafia sound. Love the Outkast “Bowtie” sample.

  • Real Talk

    If you want to listen to a confused 41 year old rapper who’s being a gimmick to sell music, listen to Eminem.

    I’m sorry but Eminem hasn’t been good since The Eminem Show.

  • Will

    This was better than em’s whole album and that is not saying much. Yela is proven more and more why he should not listen to the advice of Gimmenim.

  • @RealTalk

    You amongst a very SMALL percentage, don’t like Eminem. Now, that being said, why is that regurgitated on a Yelawolf & DJ Paul post? Weird, seems like someone loves Eminem’s dick in their mouth, smh. You dnt like the music move on. Quit giving an artist chance after chance if all you’re going to do is bash him, what does that do for you? Anywho, MMLP2 is a great album, not biased. Just am a fan who can grow with the artist, and not diss him whenever he doesn’t put something out that “I” want frm him.

  • Donnie Genesis

    The Pink Floyd sample is by far one of the sweetest things I’ve heard in awhile.

  • simpleASSthat

    thanks whoo kid for ruinin yet another tape… shit sounds hot but muthaFUCK those annoying tags.

  • who cares

    How many fuckin’ projects are dropping today? Jesus christ.

  • G

    @ Donnie Genesis

    True that, never thought a Pink Floyd sample would sound great in Hip Hop but DJ Paul did his thing with it though !!

  • Georgia Catron

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  • don’t need no hand dap

    Ill Son

    Nigga shut the fuck up, just cause he do not fuck wit Em does not mean he is a minority. I think that nigga is wack too bruh, because he is the rock sample in some of this shit is for white boys not for hip-hop nigga. This is for suburban white kids nigga.

  • SMH

    @don’t need no hand dap
    Are you serious, you are exactly what dude said. Why are you complaining. Why are you talking about Eminem? And why are you putting a race on HIP HOP. This is exactly why we have issues now. So now you have to be black to listen to black people and white to listen to white people? You’re ignorant.

  • blacklodgefamilytree

    where can i download with out dat piff? dat piff is garbage