2Dope Remix Contest: “On the Run” [VOTING]

blame it on Shake November 1, 2013

Earlier this month we launched a special remix contest; giving aspiring producers a change to remix Guilty Simpson and Small Professor’s “On The Run” (which lives on their recently-released Highway Robbery LP). Soon after, our inbox was filling up and we ended up with over 100 submissions!

We were supposed to announce the winner yesterday on Halloween; but with the massive amount of quality remixes, we decided to add another phase to the contest. Below you can find a playlist of our Top 5 remixes and we’d like you to help with the voting process…

Each remix will be assigned a rank 1-5, and tallied by all six voting parties; Guilty Simpson, Small Professor, Coalmine Records, yours truly and the poll results of the voting widget. The remix with the overall lowest number will be declared the winner. Take a listen to the selections below and let us know your favorite!

CONTEST OVER: Mind the Gap took the top spot in voting. We’ll be tallying up the votes between us this week and we’ll be announcing the winner soon.

  • red

    Can we have 10 days or so for this voting? The weekends aren’t as good for blog posts. You could bring this back to the top for the next few days so people see it.

    Thanks Shake

  • wat

    Best were the last two. Went with Rashid Hadee.

  • @red you’d be surprised at how much traffic we get over the weekends.

  • Van

    Ran Reed’s was way better!!!

  • Sprosma

    Voted for Mind Tha Gap but dope to hear some Ran Reed!

  • Flip deals

    I only see 4 Remixes

  • Thomas

    Hadee got my vote. Yep only 4 remixes seen by my eyes as well.

  • wat

    BTW, the “last two” were Ran Reed and Rashid Hadee. Apparently the order changes.

    Yup, those were the best two. I picked Hadee but I’m not mad Reed is in the lead.

  • jackz

    Reed and League imo.

  • Illy One

    Ran Reed murdered it!!

  • Voted for Rashid Hadee. Had a tough time choosing between that and Ran Reed though, they both killed it

    3. Mind tha Gap
    4. Aqua League
    5. Ill Tal

  • SOSA

    I should have been top five i’m hating. but congrats to the top five maybe next time.

    [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

  • MTG all day everyday! Salute!

  • M Gar

    Thanks to 2DBz for the opportunity tho

  • ThePollIsRigged

    Someone is fuckin with this poll(multi voting for Mind The Gap), aint no way in hell Mind The Gap’s is better then Ran Reed’s. I cry foul on this whole thing, glad I didn’t enter.

  • DontMake MeDoIt

    I know Mind The Gap had someone proxy jump for him for the extra votes, I’m not playing this shit. Don’t make me proxy jump this voting booth to death til Ran Reed can not lose. I’m close to ruining this…

  • Nick Wiz

    Ran Reed all the way!

  • Yeah Mind Tha Gap’s is the worst beat there, he’s got the poll hacked. My mans Rashid Hadee and Ran Reed easily have the two best.

  • Wiley

    Mind Tha Gap remix works best with the vocals, no way it’s the worst beat, Reed is dope but Mind Tha Gap is better, IMO

  • SkoolYard

    Hardee Remix loving it, Hill’s remix is nice to, I just listen to the Jesus of Swaggerath Remix that was Crazy, & the Ice Blend remix was pretty dope, you guys should come up with a tape full of the remixes for the ipod

  • Agz

    Mind Tha Gap Remix is the doppest, how would someone hack the poll? I could only vote once and then it wouldn’t let me vote again, if I could I’d give Mind Tha Gap two votes! HATERZ IZ MADD!!!

  • Diamond jay

    I like the Ill Tal Mix but the Mind tha Gap mix is sick, Vocal ride the beat like it was meant to be, and one thing that stands over every other track, the music works with the cuts he/she has brought out the best in the buts more than every other producer here

  • J brown

    People hating on mind tha gap remix must be listening through little ass speakers, all mixes are good in their own right, but the bass on mind tha gap mix is rolling, I agree with diamond jay the cuts at the end sound perfect with mind tha gap mix, well both cuts and vocal sit right, mind tha gap got my vote!!

  • MeloD

    Ran Reed is the weakest, not feeling those drums, Ill Tal mix is dope because it’s different, then Aqua League, but Mind Tha Gap is the best no question, used Melba Moore sample real nice, I’d buy that straight up!!!

  • That Aqua League remix is official, had to vote for that one!

  • Nash

    Its all about musicality . You’ve either got it or you ain’t. Mind the gap understands timing and where a vocal should sit within a production.
    Its a no brainier. Mtg all the way.
    One of our unsung heroes of not just UK hip hop but music world wide.this dude don’t need to fix to win.dont be a hater just listen, ,listen to the musician.

  • CrimesForMinds

    Good crop of remixes – for me Mind the Gap is my winner – peace

  • RAN REED KILLT THIS SHIT!!! Mind tha gap was cool but no comparison to the Ran Reed remix

  • SparkyFBaby

    I agree ran reed remix is tuff!!!

  • koolKriss

    I gotta agree Ran Reed got my vote. His version seemed to be better stuctured and that Big Daddy Kane drop was dope KK

  • Jimmylions

    I was set on Ill Tal mix until the chorus, the scratching didn’t work for me, so Mind The Gap Remix is by far the best reminds me of some early 90’s Hip Hop updated for now and the darkness of the baseline really works with the concept of the song. That’s the one. Jah know.

  • Poor Professor

    MTGap remix the only version that made the DJ cuts shine..

  • You guys realize this is only 1 vote right?
    Guily, Pro, 2DBZ and Coalmine are still voting. Relaaaax.

  • Poynt Blak

    Real talking? Nash smashed all the comments on here basically leaving me with nothing much else to say but,

    “MUSIC: if it’s phat you can’t deny it and true also, if it’s wack you can’t deny it!!”

    Well done to everyone else but you need to win to be on top of the shelf!! Hehe

    So haters, you should be hating on yourselves for hating on MTG Boi!!! Said nuff!!!