Lil Kim – Looks Like Money (Video)

blame it on JES7 November 2, 2013

The Queen Bee drops off visuals for her single, “Looks Like Money” which is set to appear on her upcoming mixtape, Hard Core 2K13 dropping on Black Friday (Nov. 29th). Hopefully she doesn’t go the Paypal route like she did in 2011, which led to a whole bunch of fuckery.

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  • datbul

    Call it a career, toots.

  • Being honest

    Why Kim look like a corpse.

  • bb

    she looks like freaking weirdo with them lame face implants and all that plastic surgery

  • DanSantana

    Looks Like A Human Cat

  • “I look like money”
    Nah, bitch, you look like them siamese cat mufuckas from Lady in the Tramp. Or whatever the fuck that Disney shit was called with cocker spaniel bitch tryin’ to get raw dogged.

    Real talk the song ain’t that bad but it’s Lil Kim in 2013 so I’m strongly inclined to “nope” this shit based on principle.

    N’ all that to say I’d still have un-contraceptive sex with Lil Kim. Get at me, you anime emoji in the face-lookin’ bitch.

  • bighustle

    I respect the work she’s put in, but if Lil’ Kim were to come at me for a hug, I think my first inclination would be to flinch/cringe.

  • P_Viz

    Poor Lil’ Kim…

  • She looks exactly like Latoys Jackson, she did the same shit to herselt. What a shame…

  • Rob

    In the video Lil Kim says “Hundred grand for a show that’s a good night” then they show the audience and they look dead af. lmao

  • SaidNoOneEver

    I’d still hit it

  • PaperKut

    Who’s the girl with her though?

  • David Stern

    My dick just crawled back up into my stomach and vanished, never to be heard from again. Then deleted it’s Facebook. Thanks Kim.

  • ughh

    Her face tho, what the in the fuck

  • Chaz Lawrey

    Lil Kim you can rap and all but your face burns my eyes