And Finally, Fabolous Responds to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" (Video)

Loso finally responds to Kendrick's "Control" verse last night at Powerhouse 2013 in Brooklyn.

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  • biff tannen

    Sadly, no fucks were given.

  • GODr

    Not a fraction of one fuck.

  • TheFireman


  • #king < king KL

    Nigga shoulda just #(hash tag) respond what he does anyways but Kendrick still winning sorry NY.

  • SforMusic

    The term too late and we don't give a fuck has never been soo important

  • PaperKut

    "OMG, he killed Kenny." Really?

  • I'm sorry, but that "OMG, he killed Kenny" soundclip made my night. LOL

  • crackadon

    "don't ask me how i took it nigga/
    the real niggas know all the kings came from Brooklyn nigga"

    holy fuck, Loso wit them next-level bars.

  • troytrav

    That's it? Oh. This is where the "old Fabolous" would have freestyle a proper response.

  • Quickstrike


  • Pops

    He really thought that "oh my god! They killed Kenny" soundclip was gonna be fly? Weak