• dtb

    This is truly awesome. I've never listened to dudes music, but I respect this so much. I'll look for his stuff starting today.

  • the realest

    Nigga music still wack as shit. Im just being honest.

  • GODr

    More of this, less Migos.

  • SE7AL

    This guy has my 100% support and I haven't even listened to him yet! Positivity is becoming harder and harder to find these days, and seeing something like this can bring hope to so many people. Congrats to Dee-1. You were "On" long before you signed that record deal.

  • mitch

    Heard this guy on one of Snoop's GGN shows and I fell in love with his music after hearing his story. It's so nice to see he finally made it after all that he's done

    Keep grinding man, you deserve it

  • justmeok

    the big powerful music industry and label people wont like this guy and i bet he wont get the big push they would rather promote people like rick ross than a positive role model

  • Davey

    cats saying his music is wack? Dee-1 is dope, the only thing i don't like so much is the christian references but that's my personal thing he's not some full on christian rapper. dude is positive, has dope rhymes, nice beats and is doing his own thing.

  • Correction… I slept with Katie too.

    Been checking for dude since 'Lyrical Letter'. Congrats Dee-1.
    Continue to inspire and give the kids a positive emcee to look up to.

  • Dee-1

    I have been on this nigga since he started hell vol. 2 is gonna be a classic been workin with some legendary cats in the game people should definitely mess with the dudes music.

  • http://vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    Damn, I don't even listen to this guy that much, but just reading this makes me want to. Good for him and what an awesome role model for his students.