Hopsin Explains Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar Disses

blame it on Shake November 4, 2013

On his latest single “Hopsin is Back,” the Funk Volume emcee took some shots at both Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.

I gotta problem yo/ I was ecstatic to buy Yeezus/ But I burned it first/ Heard it and snapped in 5 pieces/ Man Kanye on that bullshit/ That’s why the paparazzi made that nigga hit his fucking head that’s what that fool get/ You think you God now you half assin’ rap little faggot bitch/ Perhaps you suffered brain damage back when you had that accident?/ But most importantly, hip hop isn’t dead no more you see/ Cause Kendrick took the bar and raised it up higher for MCs/ Unfortunately the little nigga’s like 4 ft 3, the guys a fuckin’ midget/His high is still really short to me

Sitting down with HardknockTV, Hop breaks down the disses, shares his thoughts on Yeezus and more.

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  • SF

    HAHA that guy doesn’t know what he talks about, attention whore

  • WickyWoss

    cheesy ass hopsin

  • thetruth

    he speaks the truth, yeezus was trash

  • jetsfool

    should get that shit out of his eyes, he looks gay as fuck

  • Stefan 136


  • 330

    This dude sucks

  • dtb

    Everything he says is on point. Yeezus sucks. and rap is competition. He’s being competitive with Kendrick. That’s a good thing. Kendrick is dope. He isn’t untouchable tho. But you all ride his dick so people cant say anything about him.

  • k3

    hopsin been dope ya bitches! and f*** yeezus and anyone that supports it

  • mr bean

    this is also the same interview where he says he’s ” lost and doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing ”

  • Kung Fu

    Every single one of you commentors above me saying Yeezus is trash is a narrow minded ignorant asshole. Yeezus is brilliant. Open your ears. There is more to life than just hip hop. Expand your horizons.

  • Devon

    I am going to be waiting on his response to the garbage Em put out lol. He raps just like his Idol, and they both right cheesy wack ass ryhmes.

  • Ron Chee

    I stole yeezus and then wiped my ass with it just to say I did it.

    He can’t even preform without a 60 ft screen. He’s a gimmick.

  • kiko

    Yeezus isn’t brilliant. I mean it was new and weird but far from brilliant! I can’t hate it b/c he pretty much wanted us to download it right ? like with no album cover or singles? so that shit was tight. the free music idea not so much the music.

  • who cares

    I bet all those dislikes didn’t even listen to “Hop Is Back” lmao.
    Anyway, I didn’t take the Kendrick comment as a diss. Dude really is small if you think about it, and Hopsin played off that with him raising the bar. The Kanye metaphor that he used in this interview was ass though. He knew what he wanted to say with the clock, but he sounded like he was rambling.

  • wr

    Yeezus is somehow underrated. Incredible shit.

    I cannot believe Hopsin has any actual fans. Talk about riding coattails, like OFWGKTA without any of the talent/originality/stylistic development/actual coolness.

  • biff tannen

    He didn’t say anything that wasnt true.

    OFWGKTA sucks harder than a black hole. I respect their hustle and entrepreneurship a lot. From a business perspective they are very innovative and smart but their actual music is some of the most horrible hip hop I’ve ever heard.

  • hipDad

    everything he said was on point. great interview.

    still not even a fan of dude like that though (not one hopSon mp3 file on hipDad’s hard drive). and hopson is back was a good track, but not enough to make me want to go and download it and listen to it regularly, or more than the one time that i saw the video.

  • the realest

    Bound 2 better than this niggas past, present and future catalog. But besides that, Yeezus was dope and GKMC was overrated and overhyped. Peace.

  • coastin’

    look at all the kenny fans getting their panties in a bunch…

  • No

  • Phil

    LMFAO this nigga Hopsin is HILARIOUS.

  • david

    Wack rappers dissin wack rappers and you guys bug out like you’re Rihanna fans or somethin haha what has 2DB come to

  • HoeRunna

    He seen the blood on the leaves… nigga I seem his plain white t’s goin for 300… Talk don’t mean shit If you ain’t actin on it, if you actin on it you don’t really need to say much.


    This nigga gonna be another Can-I-Bus lol..look like his bi-curious son

  • Don’t need no hand dap


    Hop is garbage and his music is too, stop dick riding this Em wannabe. He is lyrically stale just like Em too nigga. Earl and tyler would eat this nigga. FV only got Dizzy and Jarren, FV are trash.

  • classic

    this nigga said he knows what creative is..but his whole gimmick is ripped off of alot of other artists lol bum ass dude

  • SomeRapper

    yeezus christ.. someone tell this kid a clock starts at 12 and doesn’t have a 0.. great metaphor. good thing you rap for a living.

    • HipHopHead999

      You look like a major Kanye dickrider when you use “Yeezus Christ” instead of “Jesus Christ”

    • RapKing

      military time starts with 0 genius…..

      • Twithc

        But he’s starting at 12.