• jwiiii

    this niggas wack. not a good look for tde.

    ferg, kid cuid called. wants his style back

  • miles

    audio on this is terrible

  • the realest

    Gay. Drake dissed that nigga's character as a man. You got nothing against, if not before then not now? Gay. No other way around it. Definition of #studiogangster

  • soulo hoe

    y'all acting like he didn't fire shots at drake on da cypher.. kendrick speaks in his music

  • quas

    I know bringing them up is like black voodoo magic on this site but if those OF niggas were with them this would be epic.

  • FTR

    These were shots at Papoose, not Drake, just listen to Pap's Control response and then Kendrick's cypher verse. There's a few verses aimed straight at Papoose, don't try to make everything shots at Drake, because you get other people confused

  • Frost

    fukd up audio...

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    These niggas had the dirtiest sounding mics in any interview ever.

  • Mez D

    I saw this shit at least 3 weeks ago. I remember cause of the shitty ass mics.