• boof

    Yo we all know this cd is gonna be a disc of compacted garbage n recyclables but good looks on helping out kids with aids n shit

  • LA

    @boof Make you say ughhhhhhhhhhhh! na nah na nahhhhhhh

  • coolcat

    Hhaha i saw the no limit tank and for a second expected some bout it bout it,..shit sounds like a cheap ass version of holy grail by Jay-z. The toy drive thing is a good look at least hes giving back

  • Mystikal

    I read the cover to say "The Girl," looked at the title of the song, noticed it had nothing to do with girls, looked back at the artwork, squinted my eyes a little, and figured out it's supposed to say "The Gift."

  • JEB

    @coolcat lmao at the holy grail comparison. true though

  • bladaoh

    its still no limit forever you fuck niggas