• Yo!

    Extra lame title tho, lol

  • wine and cheese

    roc u are killing the game

  • rocmar

    this guy makes the best music in the game. doing that OTHER shit.

  • a true pimp

    im going to be playing this one on repete all month till marci beacoup comes out!

  • QZA

    oh man this makes me happy. completely forgot about this dropping

  • Abraxas

    I'm from Baton Rouge and I honestly think this dude is the hardest rapper from New York nowadays. The rest of the state sound like homosexuals making glam hip hop

  • http://www.faggy.com rocfan

    OMG LISTEN TO TRACK 9 good shit ROC

  • Cloud 9

    once again Roc Willie and Action on a ALC track. forever legendary! they need to just drop a tape together already. the 3 people who get the most play on my iPod.

  • fan

    ROC is a PIMP.

  • justenjoythisshit

    Dope tape, but the track with Bronson is just incredible.

  • Timmy Two-$hoes

    SON!!! #7!!!

  • fuck2dopebois

    dope tpe one of my fav emcees today like most yall but i agree name of tape kinda lame shit funny tho lol

  • J Dub

    F@#kin Dope! Bronson, Natural Elements, Papoose, & this. A hell of a week for hip-hop.

  • Will

    One of my fav emcees rockin the mic. I still am bumping to reloaded and macberg, now I have some more music to tied me over.

  • http://twitter.com/dgrzzl DGRZZL

    This is dope in every sense of the word. the samples. lyrics & features. What am i going to erase to make space for this?! lol

  • roCK

    lol @ "willy" the kid

  • DreyB

    Doesnt Last is the best track...ROC hardest on the Eastcoast!

  • Roc3


  • fake


  • mo

    This shit is archetype hip hop....could rival any 90s album, best shit out, bar none!!!!

  • Christopher Tashan Black

    Mad no one commentin on this fuckin gold.

    • Guest

      Instant Classic MOTY