Roc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka November 4, 2013

Everything Roc Marciano will get shine at the DopeHouse, so needless to say this warm-up to Marci Beaucoup will automatically find its way to my iPod. Featuring the likes of Madlib, Evidence, Action Bronson, Alchemist, Willie The Kid and more, enjoy his latest freebie. Tracklist, stream, and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Roc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back (Mixtape)

  • Yo!

    Extra lame title tho, lol

  • wine and cheese

    roc u are killing the game

  • rocmar

    this guy makes the best music in the game. doing that OTHER shit.

  • a true pimp

    im going to be playing this one on repete all month till marci beacoup comes out!

  • QZA

    oh man this makes me happy. completely forgot about this dropping

  • Abraxas

    I’m from Baton Rouge and I honestly think this dude is the hardest rapper from New York nowadays. The rest of the state sound like homosexuals making glam hip hop

  • OMG LISTEN TO TRACK 9 good shit ROC

  • Cloud 9

    once again Roc Willie and Action on a ALC track. forever legendary! they need to just drop a tape together already. the 3 people who get the most play on my iPod.

  • fan

    ROC is a PIMP.

  • justenjoythisshit

    Dope tape, but the track with Bronson is just incredible.

  • Timmy Two-$hoes

    SON!!! #7!!!

  • fuck2dopebois

    dope tpe one of my fav emcees today like most yall but i agree name of tape kinda lame shit funny tho lol

  • J Dub

    [email protected]#kin Dope! Bronson, Natural Elements, Papoose, & this. A hell of a week for hip-hop.

  • Will

    One of my fav emcees rockin the mic. I still am bumping to reloaded and macberg, now I have some more music to tied me over.

  • This is dope in every sense of the word. the samples. lyrics & features. What am i going to erase to make space for this?! lol

  • roCK

    lol @ “willy” the kid

  • DreyB

    Doesnt Last is the best track…ROC hardest on the Eastcoast!

  • Roc3


  • fake


  • mo

    This shit is archetype hip hop….could rival any 90s album, best shit out, bar none!!!!

  • Christopher Tashan Black

    Mad no one commentin on this fuckin gold.

    • Guest

      Instant Classic MOTY