• Juicy-G

    I'M HYPE AF!

  • method

    someone please enlighten me to what their best song is...
    couldn't even get through RAP music.

  • ianism

    ^^ that's cause you suck as a person. DDFH is my fav song from RTJ, which probably should be called an album, not an EP

  • Power Rankings

    C4C>RAP Music>RTJ>RTJ2

  • killa

    i wannna see him and lloyd banks on one track

  • method

    ddfh is lame like the rest of this wack shit no ones gonna listen to in a few years

  • nuff

    nice chemistry

  • Erty

    Album of the year contender...

  • http://eyinjay.wordpress.com eyinjay

    Can't. Wait.

  • notep

    this is not an ep. its an album

  • The Real TC

    Shit is gonna thump. I'm looking forward to this, since when you say "Pushing our boundaries" and "El-P" in the same sentence, you actually mean that shit.