Songs – Feeling Myself f. Miley Cyrus, French Montana & Wiz Khalifa

blame it on Illy November 5, 2013

In related news: DJ Mustard is unhappy with for removing his tag. The track is set to appear on the re-release of’s #willpower album.

  • David Stern

    First he sues Skateboard P for I AM Other like he owns the phrase I am…now he removes another producer tag without asking….fucking clown

  • what the fuck dopehouse? you guys fucking are falling into the hole lately… fucking Miley Cyrus serious? what the fuck dudes.. you all are god damn pathetic… what happen to posting REAL HIP HOP! this is fucking POP MUSIC… yall disappoint the hell outta a lot of true real hip hop fans… this is not music we want to see on a blog.. time to goto kevinnottingham and no-buzz

  • Real Talk

    This dude’s a fucking clown, would love to pop him in the face one time.

  • rew


    you asshole they post real hip hop day in and day out everyday assholes like you just dont comment om it. youd rather look for artists you claim to hate and write paragraphs about them.

    typical hip hop head

  • real talk

    I feel sorry that he has to walk around with that haircut

  • Asian Guy In Menace II Society

    I feel sorry for your mother!

  • jhock420

    kinda agree with onetwothreefour. This site has gravitated towards more bullshit pop lots of Miley, Bruno Mars, Solange, countless others, but its not really the guys who run the site’s fault that a bunch of rappers wanna do colabs with pop stars the problem is that Whiz is in a new bullshit pop song every week. French is the worst artist of all time also

  • red

    Yeah but look at the truth of what rew said too.

    This site wasn’t always about getting money, but that was maybe 4 or 5 years ago when hip hop blogs weren’t really that big. People will still using mixtapetorrent and datpiff.
    This site had some great reads, and a lot of good underground, and better conversation in the c-section.
    But Meka and Shake have moved way past the blog being like that.
    Regardless they still do post a lot of underground, and I don’t feel bad if you’re burdened by visiting maybe two or three other sites to find the music you’re looking for.

  • the realest

    Yeah 2dope got commercial and lame. Niggaz don’t even debate no more and every post is about jay z or drake… For the littlest things. And jay my nigga and I’m tired. 2dopeboyz is dying. Yall niggaz need stop smelling your own shit and start working. Can start wit that busted recent comments section that’s been fucked for like a year. Niggaz better change up before them clicks slow up or nxt poppin blog pops up and steal yo ad money to keep this shit running.

  • Yasser

    Who cares if he removed a producer tag. He payed for the beat so he gets to do what he wants with it…the artist may not feel the need to highlight who the producer is of a track. I say its his right