Busta Rhymes – Thank You f. Q-Tip, “Lil Wayne & Kanye West”

blame it on Shake November 6, 2013

With a video already in the bag, Busta Rhymes delivers his new single off his upcoming Extinction Level Event 2 LP. Featuring a verse from Q-Tip, Busta takes the Fat Joe “Pride & Joy” route and only includes Lil Wayne and Kanye West on the intro and adlibs. Bummer.

  • Soulo Hoe


  • Soulo Hoe

    Q tip kilt dis shit tho

  • YO BUSTA, WHERE HAVE U BEEN SINCE Throw Da Water On ‘Em?? YOU FINALLY BACK AT IT WITH THIS ONE. THANK U. AND THANK U Q-TIP AND KANYE. also, busta and q-tip sounds like fucking classic end of the era rap. reminds me of some type of PASS THE TORCH feel. yeah..

  • JohnnyTarr

    pretty happy weezy and ye aren’t actually on the track

  • 1dopeboy

    thank god because they would have ruined this song

  • RAW

    This sounds like HIP-HOP TO ME

  • Chreyest

    This ill perfect work of art.

  • datbul

    Beat does not mesh with Busta’s voice at all. Tip sounds way better on it. Ye probably would’ve sounded good on it too.

    Can’t get into it with Bus’s gravelly ass voice all over the smoothness.

  • Jus10

    I suddenly regained interest in this album. I hope this aint the only song sounding like this ol’ school Bus!

    One time for old time sake… FLIPMODE!!!

  • wat

    Q-Tip flows soooo smoothly on this

  • He Said What

    ….anybody got that rip of this yet tho?

  • tonyy


  • ghost that walks

    I’m glad he finally release this record. Bus has had this joint in the stash for years. Heard this in the studio like 4 years ago.

  • Jus10

    This is the best ratings Busta has had in yeaaars!

  • nohomo

    Q-tip trying to hide the tip of his…smile, amongst all of those beautiful women.

  • dun

    this song is fire, wayne and ye would have clearly ruined this shit. neither of them could have kept up with either of these dudes on here.

  • 1990tillinifinity

    idk bout his whole YM signing, but i mean its new bust material that we can expect… hopefully YM gives bust the freedom to do what he wants and not water him down…

  • Theophilus did this better.



  • SirAnomaly

    It’s cool but I don’t know how many times I can actually listen to it. Low replay value

  • Ashton

    This is what we needed from Busta, that real classic Hip-Hop. Now as fans we just gotta do our part and make sure that we support this and request it on the radio stations and push it to #1!

  • Esmeralda Monroe

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  • Jcon

    this is how it should sound. all the time.

  • cam

    My first time ever hearin this song. Shxt is ILL!!!