Eminem’s MMLP2 Set For 2013’s Second-Biggest Sales Week

blame it on Shake November 6, 2013
eminem hands up

Eminem’s new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 may have just hit retail outlets today, but Billboard is already predicting huge numbers. Based on early reports, Eminem’s eighth studio album is looking to sell between 700-750,000 copies in it’s first week on charts.

Only Justin Timberlake’s first time around The 20/20 Experience has that number beat with a nearly-platinum 968,000.

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  • HesusDuece

    The best rapper alive

  • HesusDuece

    The best rapper alive, don’t care what you say about the album this is real hip hop talking about real life shit

  • who cares

    ^lol I smell a dickrider.
    I don’t care what his first week sales end up being, I’m not participating in that shit. It’s a damn shame that a legend has fallen so far.

  • @who cares

    get a job nigga and stop living in the past

  • JD

    There’s no way the sequel to MMLP is going to sell equal or less than Recovery. Shits hitting 800 at the very least.

  • !!1

    Had my doubts but this is actually a really good album!! The rather lame singles dont to the entire album justice

  • AK

    They never do

  • AK

    It’s funny how people sat around the blogs daily since it leaked talkin that I smell a huge flop bullshit, and now that them numbers estimated this high after the first day ain’t here no more. Pure fuckin comedy

  • The World

    On behalf of all of us, we think the dickriders should chill.
    The original Eminem demographic are less likely to enjoy MMLP2, whereas listeners that are unaware of Hip Hop culture and weren’t there to witness the amount of energy when Snoop, Dre, Cube, Eminem, and Xzibit all shared a stage, are missing the fundamental change in Eminem’s career. MMLP2 was his Yeezus, his Magna Carter. It’s cool to experiment with your craft. Especially when you’re 41years old rapping about raping bitches, and his mother issues.

  • DBS

    The difference between Em an Timberlake is Em keeps selling after week one and sells as much wolrdwide as in the states.

  • JHP

    ^^^ You realize Timberlake has went double platinum and then some in the states right?

  • Eric Cartman

    I loved Eminem since Infinite (even before then) and I love this album. For me it was like listening to the rap Olympics. Eminem is by far the Rap God and the album proved it. I understand why he called it MMLP2 but I think some fans got thrown off by it so maybe be should have named it something else. He is in his 40, if anyone thought he was going to make a album that sounded like the original MMLP then that’s on you.
    People have been wanting this album to fail since it was announced. Everyone has different taste so I’m not knocking those who truly do not like the album.

  • Jus10

    Damn, Slim. You got your ass kicked by NSync. lol (joke)

  • Walker

    Em’s still one of the best to do it, but if your satisfied with this bullshit of an album he dropped, your pathethic & don’t know what Eminem is capable of…….& lets be real here he’s only getting a pass because everybody is in denial about how far Em has fallen of lyrically & because he’s white. I’m callin it like i see it. people still living off the past……since he got sober he’s been WACK AF, sad to say but its the truth. i still look for the day he comes back out with something for like MMLP1, lyric wise

  • Ken Keniff from Connecticut

    haha you hatin ass cock boys

  • Mike Tomlin

    Beautiful album. The ones who are complaining are the ones who are struggling to piece together the links between this album and the past 7.

    As for MMLP2, I believe he wishes he could title this The Marshall Mathers LP. The original MMLP should have been titled The Eminem LP and the preverbial bow on his career, realeased yesterday, would have been titled The Marshall Mathers LP. Its the perfect closing to his career and it revisits every major piece to the Eminem puzzle in an adult, well thought out and creative way.

    If you really were around for his lyrical hay-day, you should have grown up enough by now to enjoy the soul of MMLP2. Get off the title and singles and put some time into listening to the alubum before you say he fell off, because he absolutely has not.

  • Abe

    Never said it was a sequel it was more of a visit back to how he was. I got the leak because I couldn’t wait and not only me but 90% of my friends bought the deluxe album. I ain’t white but I am a fan and I do get his music. When you got an artist you can relate to there music speaks volumes. This guy did it again. He can rap his fuckin ass off and did it. Congrats to eminem for a great album (not for everyone, I guess) for sticking to your core subjects and giving the fans what they want to hear but almost modernizing your stuff. Hopefully we just get more features from the dude maybe one with Kanye and he murders people.

  • The Truth Bitch.

    This Em we talking about he has the white folks on his side and the biggest stans on earth, The album is ehhh at best.

  • BounceB

    Lets be honest reason eminem is alwyas gonna sell soo much no matter how good or bad his album is bcuz hes white..lets be honest people..not taking nothing awya from em cuz hes a legend but cmon he sold more den drake n hov and those 2 artists are more relevant than em now..but white people buy albums and theres more of them in this country so its obvious inflation on sales..i mean im black and i dnt really know anybody checking for em right now or actually going 2 buy the album..cmon it TRUTH. Mac Miller sells 100k first week and f’in Macklemore goes platinum cmon son lol but he appeals to white america..bcuz nobody in real hip hop circles even brings up macklemores name lol.

  • Walker

    @BounceB exactly, idk why people are so afraid to say it, ITS BECAUSE HES WHITE!!……..& Macklemore isn’t even hip hop, that fuckin pop with rhyming words

  • DHamp

    Wow. theres 800,000 mufuckers who can stomach all that corniness from a washed up legend? Let it go people. he’s done

  • Solongbitchyoudidmesowrong

    Album is worth the buy.

  • MewLover34

    To listen to people on this site, you would think this has been an awful year for hip-hop, not one of the best in recent memory.

  • Port of Roosevelt

    My personal opinion…the album is wack but I still appreciate the art and I gotta also say its a beautiful thing to be white in this world because those numbers do lie in this case. With the music thats put out on this album, he should not go platinum. Not trying to block his blessings but come on!!! Those numbers prove that its still a white mans world.

  • fucking disgrace to hip hop. passedout druggedout rapper movin this units with a wack album.
    future hiphop albums of this year that would be more cool than this wack shit:

    Bun B
    Trill OG: The Epilogue
    November 19, 2013
    My Krazy Life
    November 19, 2013
    Yo Gotti
    I Am

    past: pusha t album dom kennedy black milk..

    yall guys talkin grizzly shit like eminem is crazy he’s rap blablabla.. you only dickriding em’s dick bcuz is cool.
    B-Real, Xzibit (& Demrick not sayin the next thing about this guy) are 1000x times more legends and rappers than Em. yall fucking mainstraim you losed all the love and respect for this culture.

  • Will

    Port of Roosevelt

    I agree, but it is what White America desires. They are more comfortable when their people are unrealistically being portrayed, because they cannot co-exist without dominating. If he was AA he would not be getting so much hype, because he would be considered the standard.

  • MewLover34

    It hasn’t been cool to “dickride” Eminem for like 6 years. People genuinely think the album is great. Because it is. Objectively.

  • Debbie

    Album was trash, I am waiting on Elzhi new shit and I am enjoying Shad’s new album.

  • marty mcfly

    Yes Em is white and that does have its own kinda influence in the pop world of music but its a little intellectually dishonest to not admit that alot of it also has to do with rhymes and also the fact he named it MMLP2. Im not the biggest Em fan and this album aint really my kinda thing but when people say Em sells alot cause he’s white? Like that has a level of truth to it but its also because he already had a huge fanbase before this album came out and he’s know for dope RHYMES. Just saying

  • marty mcfly

    knowN for dope rhymes…. Even if you dont really like Em’s music you gotta still appreciate how he keeps his music focused on skills for the most part. If more artists took they music with the same level of seriousness as Em they might sell alot too. MCHG still better though LOL.

  • NoWuff

    So, sounds like the album got mixed reviews…

  • Markeus-lynell Gilbert

    He shouldn’t get sales because he is white …? What? . Lol A. rap isn’t just for African Americans , B. Millions of white kids may by his album what’s that have to do with anything . I know more white kids who buy Lil Wayne or whatever is on the radio more then anything ,same with blacks. Black and white ,were all the same . Like what the fuck

  • ActivateMyHate

    Hold on. To the people that say there are more white ppl than black in America, you are morons. Look up the demographics you retards. Whites are not the majority. Wikipedia is a good place to start looking up the facts. It has nothing to do with race anyhow. As for the album. Em showcases the fact that he’s the last of a dying breed and a true wordsmith. It’s a different album. There’s only one MMLP and one MMLP2. Eminem is a real MC and these jokers that can’t rap worth a damn are shadows of what real hip-hop and battle rap once was. Buy the album.