Eminem & Slaughterhouse Freestyle on Rap City (Video)

blame it on Shake November 6, 2013
eminem rap city

Today, BET brought back Big Tigger for a special episode of Rap City with Eminem. Closing out the show, Eminem and all four members of Slaugterhouse took over The Backroom and set fire to the microphone. Check the bars below and let us know who you think ripped it the best!

We also showcased Eminem’s past performances on Rap City in a special “Bring it Back” post. Take a look right here.

  • Beard Gawd

    These guys are all fuckin’ incredible. As a fan of hip-hop you can’t ask for more. It would be interesting if Shady 2.0 did a Re-Up Pt. 2.

  • Sir Camacho

    Waiting for the explicit…..

  • RED-bWs

    That was Slim Shady. He’s fucking back.


    Maaannnn that was dope.

  • krow132

    jesus christ. everybody went off.

    Joe Budden hit us with the mood muzik emo verse tho. lol

  • 1dopeboy

    Hey Eminem is like, pretty good at rapping

  • LA

    Em messed up and they had to edit it LOL this was dope tho

  • 2dope4nope

    Damn I miss those rap city days ditching school hanging with my homies older brothers friends playing that n64 getting lit checking out that shyne bad boys vid nellys ei was way young but shit rap city was the truth wish that was back with vids from black hippy to nipsey and dom for these generation cause then all we had was 2001 and who guerrilla black haha and yup this was 187 from em all too dope and cdq asap!

  • Druidz

    Big Tigger ripped it followed by Em.

  • yoooo

    Guess who’s back… back again..

  • STK

    Ortiz! he came with it this time. Crooked murdered that ish too.

  • buckets

    crooked killed it.

  • datbul

    Didn’t like the beat. Ortiz’s verse was best.

  • Richie Incognito Jr

    kill em crooked. oo kill em. lol

  • P

    Budden, that was vintage mood muzik shit…most will be thrown off cause its not your typical cypher verse, but it was dope.

  • Phaz

    Nice. Budden and Ortiz killed it the most to me. Budden is just too deep for the average thinker.

  • hey

    Ortiz had the best verse

  • MattBX

    Budden went deep. They all delivered tho. Especially Ortiz seems to be on a roll lately. Pure fire.

  • DM (E Town)

    CROOKED I. _____It’s clear, he wants to make it known…

  • Juicy-G

    CROOKED I all the way. No homo, but that nigga has some huge trapezius muscles. I always think he’s trying to keep his shoulder’s shrugged but he’s not. Anyways, we need that uncensored version. Please and thank you.


    Ortiz for me

  • ducats

    “when YOU SEE LA, your team will BE RUINED.”
    “stab em in the abdomen when its crunch time”
    “leave you in an old bush like an unshaven barbara”

  • Thank Me

    Joell Ortiz is NICEEEEE

  • grady289

    ROYCE DA 5’9 killed this shit second best to EM for sure!

  • Real Talk


  • TheFade

    Yo that Big Tigger dude went off, glad to see Slaughterhouse expanding. Looking forward to hearing more from him and the rest.

  • lmao

    How many groups do you know to deliver such an epic cypher. Everybody went in, everyone is getting recognition. Usually its like 2 guys out of 5-6 that go off and the rest are forgotten . These guys are on another level tho

  • pL


  • true

    Em had the weakest verse.. be real about it y’all. Stop Stanin’

  • Lord


  • and stay in school

    how the fuck is Eminem the weakest one there? Crooked should’ve ended it

  • Ani Khonsu

    Surprisingly Em was the weakest link! And Im equally surprised Joe & Crooked I spit the hardest!

  • This beat is ASS. Big ups to Slaughter & Em tho.

  • james

    Motherfuckers never heard of a spit guard? The audio quality was shit-tastic. Thx BET for making the best freestyles sound like they were in a dog closet.

  • Will

    Em verse was weak af lol, Slaughterhouse killin shit as usual Royce, Budden, Crooked, and Ortiz are making gold.

  • mz

    Crook got it.
    Em was weak

  • Crooked is a monster.

    please believe it.

  • Ruarai Eminem Fan

    Ai Yo dis is da fuckin sickest COOLEST SHIT man