• Joshua

    That beat is MEAN! Dope video. Fashawn looks like Carlton though.

  • 5th

    Simply amazing. Fash never dissapoints. Raw hip hop at it's finest. Salute to Ev man

  • Real Talk


  • Watch Me No Hands Your Girl

    Joshua you worry about fashawn maybe looks like carlton (that's not true) so you gay.

  • dtb

    This is fire. EV COMES CORRECT W THE BEAT. and Fash is on point per usual.

  • hiphophead88

    Fash is one of the most under rated easily always comes wit the bars

  • Willsessions

    I always over looked Fashawn. But this is dope!

  • Advance

    This is pretty good but I was hoping Boy Meets World would be produced entirely by Exile

  • Wesson

    Sick! I was disappointed by the last joints Fash' dropped, but this is dope. If The Ecology is half as good as Boy Meets World, it should be a good album.

  • Ricki Lutes

    !! fresh!

  • FlyBoiTay


  • olliekid17

    dope.. i saw fashawn at a show last week and he asked him and he said exile is doing all but 1 or 2 songs and he said he thinks it's better then boy meets world. gonna be crazy dope.