Fat Trel & Tracy T Sign to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group

blame it on Shake November 6, 2013
fat trel mmg

Rumors have been making their rounds since Summer, but now it’s official. Fat Trel is the latest artist to sign with Maybach Music Group.

MMG revealed they signed two new artists and would be announcing them at 6pm and 8pm EST. The first announcement confirms the D.C. native has joined with WaleMusic/MMG/Atlantic Records while the second will be made in just a few hours. UPDATE: The second signee is Tracy T.

Speaking of Trel, him and his Slutty Boyz crew (… me neither) linked up with Migos for “Giddyup,” a new track off their upcoming Da New Kool project. Listen below if you’d like.


  • béni franklin

    so he’s signed to an artist signed to another artist ? we’ll see i guess

  • wat

    Terrible choice. Fat Trel is garbage.

  • flo

    so he’s signed to an artist signed to another artist ? we’ll see i guess

    béni franklin said this on November 6th, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    who is ross signed by that’s an artist?

  • Danny

    ^ It clearly says Fatass signed to WaleMusic under MMG.

  • What a dumb signing.. Glad Emilio Rojas never signed with these clowns (bar Wale) when that rumor was around

  • Exhibit C

    That’s gotta be the scariest looking man on planet earth

  • SwishasNKush

    I say good for him… stalley stays doing his thing so why the hell not? I liked that Officer Ross let Stalley do his own thing.

  • yo MMG or WALEMUSIC ain’t even labels or discographies!! yall dudes smh… your ignorance springs the walls.

    and, oh, atlantic? what happened to warner? anyway. “Maybach Music Group albums were formerly distributed by Warner Bros” if WARNER says no to a fucking proposal they can’t even release an album at the same level of major laber or shit. signed to wale and mmg is like, they will control his movements and style and let him be around them dudes.


  • LA

    So you faggots mad b/c this kid signed a deal huh LOL The fuckary on this never seize smh

    By the way DRAKE is signed to a dude who is signed to another dude and look what all he has accomplished….STOP HATING

  • ^^ haha LA the truth

  • wat

    “The fuckary on this never seize”

    Did you mean “the fuckery on this site never ceases?”

    Also FUCK you, people aren’t mad he signed a deal, they’re mad MMG signed someone so GARBAGE. Get off Trel’s dick.

  • Cramp

    Hahahahaha meek mill raps like hes talking to his neighbor from the porch

  • Boosie BadAss

    Right^^^ lmaooo

  • stopit5

    WaleMusic…. STOP IT FIVE!!

    FatTrel…. STOP IT FIVE!! didn’t this guy signed to master p and no limit like 6 months ago lmao

    @2dbzCommentSection talking about distribution and which company distributes what… STOP IT FIVE!!! Whooo cares lol. If you don’t put out good music(music that sells) it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter who you sign to.

  • Forch Fabalon

    Do it,


  • Malachi

    Most of these comments are of hating ass people. The exact reason we fail as a class of people. By the way 50 cent is signed to shady/aftermath/interscope. 50 has more money then a little bit!