• Sprosma

    Been a fan of Gunplay. Ross's verse is nice, conventional but dope song.

  • WE$T$IDE

    Dope track!

  • iRock

    Club Banger! I fux with it.

  • BobbyWhite

    fux with this, especially gunplays verse

  • Denmark

    Somewhat generic but this shit bangs. Can definitely see myself ride around blowing on some loud to this

  • justmeok

    you can tell wayne gave this to them

  • jojoba

    boss shit!

  • http://2dopeboyz.com TooH x G


  • Cuz i got Money to Bloooooooooooow

    ..and we gon be alright if we put joke on every hook.

  • godiealready

    dumbass name it kush and put purp on the cover..

  • Esmeralda Monroe

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  • muchlove

    Gunplay definitely has gotten some bar coaches from def jam