Random Acts Of F*ckery: Eminem “Lookin’ Boy” Edition

blame it on Shake November 7, 2013

On “Rap God” Eminem made use of the flow found on Hotstylz 2008 lukewarm hit “Lookin’ Boy.” And apparently the trio took offense to it, releasing “Rap Fraud” in response to Marshall Mathers not giving “proper” credit. Haha.. oh man, you can’t make this up.

  • who cares

    These dudes are still around? Really?
    OT: They get mad and release this? This is embarrassing. It’s obviously supposed to be bad, but damn…

  • DynamicShots

    You know what this is? They saw it as the perfect opportunity to capitalize and get some publicity. I remember the song, but niggas honestly been on that shit since I was in middle school and that was over 10 years ago. So they damn sure didn’t come up with it.

  • T9FTW

    This was funny. I actually enjoyed it.

  • Michael Gaines

    Hotstylz is from Chicago

  • Jumpfree

    Hahaha this is just sad….

  • brooklyn

    This shit was way better than anything Murder Inc. did back in the day. Ja had that one line about Hailie but these niggas took that shit to another level.

  • Mark D

    funny of the day

  • HotPilez 3~~~

    So bad, it’s good.

  • Slova

    I love Eminem but you gotta admit, this freestyle was pretty dope.

  • caliOwnsIt

    lol i actually liked this diss. funny shit


  • caliOwnsIt

    actually, on second listen this diss track is on point! just as good as anything eminem can muster up.

  • Haha

    Obviously doesn’t warrant a response from Em, too much exposer. Slaughterhouse, have fun.

  • fewq

    two thumbs up

  • robby

    why would these fags even try to start a battle with em , when they know he will crush them like nothing and destroy there names forever they will be in the nameless book of lame plus this is not a freestyle this was written and practised before they tried em could easy flip them upside down on his worst day

  • jobie

    these dudes having fun rapping. actually enjoyed listening to this.

  • Masta™

    I aint even mad doe.

    dese goofy niggas jsut being goofy niggas.

  • jorgey

    if you like eminem u have to like this

  • gumbo

    this had me chucklin still

  • j

    hahaha so funny and good

  • hoping waiting wishing

    this was actually pretty sick. These guys went in. And if it actually gets Em to put out a diss track it’ll probably be better than his whole album so everybody wins! Hotsylez get a little resurgence, Em goes back to his raw shit and the fans get old Em. (hopefully)

  • HiiiLife

    this is tight like seal.

  • Frost

    this was pretty funny…haha

    no need to take these lames serious…

  • randomguy

    They weren’t even serious though! lol
    This was funny

  • &

    These guys are retarded.

  • King Hearts

    They said shit about his daughter…they gon die…

  • Da Spaniard

    huge Em fan right here, this was funny lol

  • J.Y.

    Cannot front at all, shit made me laugh later in the song. Crazy shit is that they can actually rap, if they put this much effort into their music then they can probably make a decent comeback song/album tbh.

  • Dumbhoes

    If you think it was about them you dumb. He was rapping bout the ‘Hall of Fame’ and then ‘boi’. Yeah, looks like Big Sean.

  • joe

    straight up jokes just like lookin boy and still hotstylez > GBE

  • tecboy

    GTFOH with this bull! Go make some MUSIC for real. All this diss track crap ain’t proving a dam thing. It’s tired, old and played out! Stick to the music! Make some MUSIC!!

  • :)

    LMAO I thought this was funny. some of you are taking it way too seriously. I mean, he didnt give them credit so why shouldnt they say anything?
    Either way it WAS HILARIOUS

  • wa

    dis was funny. Dat bandana line was crazy.

    Snort, snort, snort, snort

    They did this shit in the flow of eminem so if u think its not funny then you must not like em then.

    When has em ever murdered a rapper he’s too busy dissin hollywood.

  • Nyc22

    Hahaha this is awesome!!

    “Tell Jimmy Iovine… I don’t want no problems, just give me a pair of headphones…”

  • Will The Great Defender

    Still a better album than MMLP2 LOL.

  • Christian

    I know they just going for some publicity they shoulda left hailie out tho this could get serious

  • Nobody

    They cant be serious . . . Thats 1 minute I will never get back.

    • shake

      It’s a Random Act of Fuckery. Of course it’s gonna waste your time in some capacity haha.

      • Nobody

        Props to all for the new layout and Disqus c-section. Shit’s dope!

        • shake

          Glad you’re digging it. Hopefully the next few additions will be on the positive side as well!

  • Gross Bro

    This is hilarious!

  • Guest


  • No

    He didn’t even diss them. If anything, he gave Hotstylez more attention than they would’ve had without Eminem referencing them in a song that, even only being released a couple weeks ago, has been heard by millions more fans than “Lookin’ Boy” ever had. And regardless if they disagree with him using their tired flow, and perfecting it, just MENTIONING Halie in a diss song, is so far beyond low it’s disgusting.

    • Pablo

      Let alone talking about having sex with a 17-year old, but their ignorant, washed-up asses would be stupid enough to sound like talentless pedophiles and not even realize it…

  • Jasiek Johnny Górski

    what a shit…. guys, you should thank him, nobody even heard of you but he promoted you, stiupid f*ckers

  • Tyler King

    This is probably the whackest attempt at an Eminem Diss since Everlast. Everlast tried mentioning Hailie too, you would think these idiots would realize how that worked for him. At least Everlast had a couple hits before he dissed Em, now these guys will just go down as another Cannibas

  • Jab72284

    That photo though… LMAO!!!! FOH.

  • discus

    Wow this was horrible!! lmao!!

  • Pablo

    A bunch of washed-up, one-hit wonders took offense to a reference to their only decent song? The freestyle wasn’t even that good. Plus it was very classy to talk about having sex with Eminem’s 17-year old daughter Hailie – such ignorant pedophile rappers…

  • Tornado

    Point is that it’s been around 2 months since Rap God is released and in that much preparation time they brought this to our tables? I was more laughing on them instead of enjoying punchlines! Btw punchlines were weak too. They tried flipping, it flipped back to them. Instead of showing us more of a raw-footage-cypher-track-shit, a fully diss track would’ve been better. Sorry, correction, nothing would have been better. He made them all famous! Worst attempt of dissing on Em.
    Although I wasn’t giving full attention but I think that they mentioned Hailie and that’s where line of cheap tricks goes personal.. Everlast did way better than them!

  • Oh, man. These guys are awful.

  • crybabies

  • AnzourA.

    You can take his shit and never be half as lyrical as a toilet flushing, bitch look’n boys

  • bobby bresh

    …. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE. eminem just quadrupled your amount of views on your song you should be thanking him. arrogant self-righteous blackiesssss.

  • I mean. It started out real enough. Saying that they wish he would have reached out to them before bringing them up. Admitting that they only had one hit. Took it a little far after that, but I mean… lmao. I like it.

    • I mean. Lookin’ Boy was catchy as hell but these dudes fell off the radar so quickly. This track might actually prompt me to find them again

  • jgreenh20

    Damn dis made my phone battery low shit!!

  • Anthony Jemison Remyrozay

    yall niggas gay and could never reach Eminem level you pussy ass on hit wonder as rapppers

  • so let me get this straight… Em shouts out your one and only hit Lookin’ boy and you diss him and make yourselves look like retarded Pedophiles… you’ll sell him some crack? pretty sure he confessed to all the drugs he did in a song (I’m Shady) and crack was not one of them. i liked lookin boy and i enjoyed the reference in his song, but you gonna sample like 5 of his songs for 1 that he sampled from you….. pure….FUCKERY… i hope he makes 1 last album cleaning up the mess dissin’ the shit outa everyone who ever tried to diss him, and im sure if he did these guys would be on majority of the tracks because one does not simply diss Em’s Daughter

  • Talkin that shit behind my back, dirty mackin
    And telling your boys that I’m on crack?
    I just don’t give a fuck! -Slim Shady

    I felt like this was relevant.

  • 207mph

    I had never heard of these dudes . I just figured the repetitive ‘lookin boy’ on rap god had to be referencing something so I Googled it. These cats are weak yo . Young joc sucks too. Wth ? Taylor Swift owes Kanye about a third of her sales since the awards show years back…now these dudes owe Em a similar debt.
    Em don’t take the bait man …Just let it go. If you do respond, sign them to S/A first and double your dough. Hahaha.