• wat

    This is gonna be wack. Hop is an average rapper at best who got fans from his underground status, his skater with creepy contacts image, and his love for randomly dissing more famous rappers, which gives little hipsters who only like unknown rappers orgasms. He says lines most people can come up with in high school and his flows aren't anything special.

    On the production side, he's horrible. Like J. Cole, he only raps to his own beats. But unlike J. Cole, Hop is a TERRIBLE producer (Cole is good on the production side but his beats tend to be a bit boring). He makes beginner quality FL Studio beats.

    The ONLY reason he's so famous is because of his Tyler the Creator diss, which he strategically put out when Odd Future was blowing up. Otherwise, he's just another meh forgettable rapper when you put all his gimmicks aside.

    The only people that'll miss him in rap are his diehard fans. Which is okay, because it's really cool he has people that ride for him that hard. It's just that him and his album will barely make a ripple in hip hop aside from the uncalled for disses that'll be scattered throughout the album.

  • I Declare War

    You know shit's gon be wack when there's a "freestyle" on it. Save that shit for the mixtapes Hop.

  • Dino

    Y'all act like Kendrick didn't have a Freestyle song. And I personally love how y'all can predict how this is gonna turn out. Why don't you apply those skills and apply to work for NASA? Maybe you can tell us more about the future and what this earth is turning into.

  • roCK

    You know shit’s gon be wack when there’s a “freestyle” on it. Save that shit for the mixtapes Hop.
    I Declare War said this on November 7th, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    ^^^...so i gues "backseat freestyle" was a mixtape track as well?

    dude aint gonna off himself yo... this is a cry for attention

  • brad stevens

    this dude needs to stop doing stuff by himself. hire a graphic designer. hire a producer. hire a video editor. cuz when he does that stuff himself it all looks like/sounds like shit. hes best at one thing and thats lyrically ripping tracks apart. i'd listen to way more of his shit if he actually worked with dope producers (not hoppa or himself)

  • wat

    @Dino: Yeah because being a rocket scientist is the same as knowing an artist and the product they put out. Let me fetch that NASA job application.

  • Dino

    You're a dumbass. Typical citizen of America.

  • http://twitter.com/2basick 2basick

    Lol Dino is right. Go get a job for nasa

  • wat

    Dino is right? So all NASA employees are implied to be psychic hip hop heads! Oh snap! Time to get this here rocket science degree.

  • Dino

    Like I said, you're bout as stupid as it gets. Google this word: sarcasm

  • Welsh

    @Dino I don't think it's the sarcasm that's confusing him. It's the stupid fucking analogy you used. Psychic? NASA? lol

  • brooklyn

    ^hah ikr....would have made more sense to say "you psychics should open up your own booth at a flea market" or "use those psychic skills on a daytime talk show".

    Who the fuck associate psychics with NASA? Idiot.

  • wat

    LOL, yup, I'm the stupid one.

    Meanwhile Ms. Cleo is in a NASA command center...

  • x

    wat laid it out. The rest of you are cornballs with lame parents and soft voices like you favourite rappers these days.

  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    Backseat Freestyle wasn't a freestyle... is this guy serious?

  • KING

    Fuckin cornballs just don't like a rapper who's unique. You get a guy who spits dope rhymes but is a little different and y'all say he's wack. Go fuck ya selves, this album is gonna be nice as hell.

  • j

    Did anyone even listen to Hop Is Back??? That shit goes hard! This album should be dope

  • wat

    @KING: How is he "dope" to you? Name one good line. Convince me you aren't swayed by his infinite bag of gimmicks, bro.

  • FuckYouPayMe

    lol@these nigga arguing about semantics at 2 in the morning.But I'm flatnin' at how bad ya'll buried my mans Dino.


    Dino youre the fucking man! i laughed so hard when i saw your comment. best comment ever!!!

  • Dino

    @wat if i had a dollar for every time you were a faggot, i'd pay Hopsin to make a great album just to shit on your opinion.

  • bladaoh

    lmao you cant predict how an albums gonna sound off the tracklist

  • Will

    Lots of disses are gonna be on this album lol. The gimmick is strong with this nigga lol. He gonna get an underground buzz just a little not much. The dude is fairly average tho no hate.

  • Dre$ane

    Riped your heart you <3]==