Hopsin – Have You Seen Me?

blame it on Shake November 8, 2013

More Hopsin for y’all to love/hate. After his brief Twitter rant — which led to him leaking the tracklist to Knock Madness — the Funk Volume emcee decided to let loose a joint he recorded earlier in the day.

  • Frank Kennedy

    Either 2dope is really fueld by Kendrick dickriders or all y’all really have some personal beef with hopsin.. Dude gets so much unnecessary hate on this site. Dude is not only incredibly nice on the mic, he can make actual songs. Y’all can keep whatever y’all listen, I’ll take more shit like this all day.

  • @Frank Kennedy the Kendrick diss was pointless, he just dissed Kendrick to diss him, trying to be relevant, and most of his shit lame as fuck these days.

    This song go hard though, he obviously got these label fuckers controlling his ass, or else he’d put out shit this good.

  • justmeok

    @Frank Kennedy

    the exact same thing is happening with troy ave right now because he said kendrick and kanye are weirdos look at 50 cent look at papoose. the internet is full of sad lil kids who get emotional if someone says something about their favorite artist and hate on anything they do. these people are to blame for why hip hop is so watered down and soft and fake. artists are now to scared to be real and speak their mind in case of a backlash from angry stans.

  • Real Talk

    I checked out this dude and the few things I listened to had a real similar feel to Eminem flow wise, beat wise, and even the chorus.

    Beyond that the white contact lenses are a gimmick, really.

    Also him dissing everyone that’s hot lately just makes him seem kind of desperate and corny.

  • Esmeralda Monroe

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  • Will

    I do not know why this dude is dissing legit artist, why not link up and make some great music? Hop is a cornball, who has Eminem’s dick down his throat. This dude needs to make a satire filled song for how his mentor, who came out with such a shitty album.

  • LA

    ^ bitch you just a fanboy of the artist he was dissing…..STFU