• disdatfiya

    This is, by far, one of the worst mixtape covers I've ever seen. A terrible portrait of the rapper, ridiculous grandfather clocks to signify "The TIME is now", and what looks like to be a fucking clock radio over on the left side. Oh, I'm sorry, I didnt see that actual alarm clock, that old school shit, sitting there either. and why in the fucking fuck does his name have periods after each letter? Is his name now a fucking abbreviation? Like what the fuck could that actually stand for?

    This is crazier than the title of that Ross tape, "Black Barmitzvah"...

  • $$$

    Mixtape cover game on 2005 holla

  • http://aol.com Z Dub

    Behold Benefit, the old and degenerate
    Are healed by the power of his subject and predicate
    The "Pro-ject" deliberate, whole of the rhetoric
    Emcees will fall like the soul of confederates