• Neph

    Maaan wheres that song he preview in his short film that featured trinidad jame$? I was waiting for that one

  • Untuchd_Reno

    Just so we are clear I am super stoked on this.

  • justmeok

    when you have real talent you dont have to have a album or mixtape full of the biggest producers and features to hide the fact you ain't that talented

  • http://www.justmythoughtsman.com SG

    @justmeok....I agree

  • rex

    this bullshit aint hip hop

  • Will

    This is gonna be a contender for album of the year I know it.

  • subject_90

    Love how he sectioned the titles, like a book or a manual... should be great, just hope he makes hard copies

  • F.A.

    19 tracks!? God damn

  • Faito

    The concept of his "life experience" seems great, a body of work divided by chapters (what else can you ask),the artwork for it Im not feeling tho.

  • SAK

    @Neph man I was looking forward to that track too.
    He said it's not the final Tracklist on his twitter though

  • kingnigga

    thought he'd have overdoz on here

  • http://iamTrillOReilly.net/ Trill O’Reilly

    When y'all niggas added Disqus to 2DBZ?

    • MistahPopo

      feels like my favorite site (wshh) now

    • shake

      This weekend haha.

  • TokenGeek

    Spiderman put in all the work for this album. Dec 10 hurry up!