Guillermo Del Torro Gives Praise to Kanye West

blame it on JES7 November 9, 2013

Speaking with The Daily Beast, film director Guillermo Del Torro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade II, Pacific Rim) mentions possibly working with Kanye West when asked about ‘Ye praising Del Torro’s Pacific Rim on Twitter. The director / producer reciprocated ‘Ye’s praises, stating:

You know, he sent a very nice message and I think he’s a brilliant musician. I admire him enormously. We’ve talked a few times about other projects we were going to do together through my company, Mirada. He wanted to do a multimedia show that I was going to direct, but we’ve never met. We’ve only spoken on the phone. We’re trying to do something together.

His comment is a bit vague, so we can only speculate what may come of it. If it’s a film project, hopefully it pans out better than that Psycho short film. Spotted: KTT.

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    Yeezy was right, Pacific Rim was awesome. It was like watching my Saturday morning cartoons back when I was a kid. Good harmless fun.

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