• Kev

    These are my two favorite Hip Hop groups of all time & it's funny you said they represent the yin & yang cuz that's what I always say. Wu is my favorite when I want some hype, gritty, street sounds & Tribe is my favorite when I wanna hear some smooth, laid back jazzy sounds to smoke to.

    First time I heard these I was a child but I rediscovered them as a teenager cuz when I was in high school rap music fucking sucked (2005-2009). So I went back & found all the old school joints to get my real hip hop fix & understand them better since I was older. Now when I think of the soundtrack to my high school years I'm reminded of the 90's era instead of Lil Wayne & Soulja Boy..& I am VERY grateful for that.

    I credit these albums & all the other classic 90's albums for leading me to the underground scene & becoming a true hip hop/music head. Congrats to Wu-Tang & ATCQ, their legendary status is well deserved & will last for generations.

  • biff tannen

    Both fantastic albums but imo

    Midnight Marauders > 36 chambers

    Just my personal preference.

  • meh

    to be honest, ive never listened to MM all the way thru. 36 though, i rememnber going to sam goody buing this. they truly changed the game. RIP ol dirty....

  • drew

    classic shit words cant describe how good they are missed that vibe