Could do without boosie, dope tho

  • Fake Name

    Where is the Pimp C verse ?

  • TheHipHopJunkie

    Breath of fresh air to hear Bun!

  • Y-Rap

    Its good to see how long he's been able to hold on to this series without losing much. Bun set up a theme and rode it out, more than I can say for MANY artists.

  • don

    this is dope as fuck

  • Napalm Audio

    THis shit tight!!

  • TopUndaDawg

    this shit too nice

  • http://iamTrillOReilly.net/ Trill O’Reilly

    Wow, I still remember the original version that leaked back in 2010 without the K.R.I.T. verse. This new version's dope also.