OCD (Moosh & Twist) – All That I Know f. Hoodie Allen (Video)

blame it on Shake November 12, 2013

Fresh off lending their vocals to Yonas’ “Roller Coaster,” Moosh and Twist release their latest video. Enlisting Plainview, New Yorker Hoodie Allie for the Chaos-produced “All That I Know.”

  • StopIt5

    Guys like this go under the radar by 90% of the 2dbz regulars (and by no means am I not including myself).. but the crazy thing is.. most artists posted on this site should take some notes. These guys, along with the rest of them (mike stud, huey mack, hoodie Allen, mod sun, etc.) They’re selling out shows, and going on tour DOLO! They’re following is going to grow to the point where 1000 people at a show is typical. Think of how many “ill” rappers on this site there are.. that don’t get booked for shows. Just a thought.

    • Thank Me

      Those guys are all frat rap mosh pit rap that’s why they go underrated. Most of them are trash, They sell out college shows. They don’t have a future as rappers but as “pop stars”

      • stopit5

        I wasn’t confused as to why they go under the radar. I know why! My point is.. whether you/me like their music or not.. they’re selling out shows. I don’t think any artist on this site really cares who is coming to see them long as more than 18 people are coming. Ask A.Dd+ or Boldy James if they’re okay with selling out a college show. I’m sure neither will have a problem. stop it five!

      • Hoodie

        figured id chime in, we’re not selling out “college shows”. were doing hard ticket theatres. 6k kids in ny, 3k in boston, philly san francisco dallas la etc. but yeah completely under the radar for most people who hate us on here