Brother Ali & Dom Kennedy for Mass Appeal’s “Off Tha Wall”

blame it on Shake November 15, 2013
brother ali dom kennedy

Although not together, Brother Ali (who recently spoke on accidentally kicking Justin Timberlake off stage) and Dom Kennedy both recently took part in Mass Appeal‘s Off Tha Wall series.

We caught up with Brother Ali while in Minnesota and got a chance to chop it up with him. Ali was an articulate and extremely humble individual, who seemed to be in a constant state of appreciation for his success. During our interview we discussed what inspired him to start rhyming, his top three emcees, why Drake owes a lot to Lauryn Hill, and much more.

In this episode, Dom talks about “Boardwalk Empire” and “The Godfather,” and how he’s structuring his life and career to parallel Michael Corleone. He also explains Biggie and Tupac’s influence and the story behind his latest project Get Home Safely, which is about a boy who grew up watching the rise and fall of hip hop. He also speaks on wanting to work with Pharrell Williams, whom he praises as the “producer of the decade” and his love for Bobby Womack.

Dom’s new album Get Home Safely is available on iTunes, while Brother Ali’s Left In The Deck is available here.

  • biff tannen

    The mediocre POS dom kennedy shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Brother Ali.

    • los1992

      who are you?, doms albums are classics, brother ali hasnt been relevant for years, get with it. I still respect him but your callin the wrongnigga mediocre

      • biff tannen

        Dom has classics??? SRSLY??? Rofl gtfoh
        He’s the westcoasts version of french montana.

        Brother Ali is one of the best doing it. His discography is infinitely better than anything dom has/will ever and is capable of releasing.

        Still rofl @dom has classics

        The things ppl say on the interwebz smh

        • los1992

          your trollin hard as hell. Iv been listening to brotherali since rights of passage. Hes dope but so is dom. When you make a million dollars without a record label holla at me

          • biff tannen

            Money makes you nice?? Ok.

            *kanye shrug*

          • younglarrydavid

            You’ve been listening to Ali since the cassette tape he would sell practically by hand on the streets of Minneapolis?

          • los1992

            You kno its been digitalized right?

      • Ali is relevant