Timbaland – Know Bout Me f. “Jay-Z,” Drake & James Fauntleroy

blame it on Meka November 15, 2013

After teasing the track numerous times over the last several weeks, Timmay! unleashes the heavyweight-packed first single from his upcoming album, Textbook Timbo, which will drop soon. Notice the quotation marks around Hov’s name? That’s because he pulls a “Kanye West on ‘Thank You’” and only appears on the intro of the song.

  • BillyBobJohn

    lol who wants to hear timbaland rap

  • Tino

    shit was cool, the beat was the best part in my opinion, Shrugs, this will have to grow on me, im sure it will after a few more spins.

  • ear2ear

    the beat is mediocre to me. the switch up for Fauntleroy was nice though but rest of the song is average.

  • TrueGem17

    Seems like Timbo got his mojo back in 2013.

  • Genius

    Lyrics are so trashh

  • BMG™ Prodigy

    The fact that Timbaland and Jay-Z are on a song together, Timbo is rapping, and Hov is just adlibbing is hip-hop sacrilege. I wish Timbo would just do like Mike Will and not actually rap on his projects. If Drake had been on the hook instead of Tim, and Hov had a verse instead of Tim, this shit really would have been fire

    • shake

      I agree 10000%

  • thatrealshit

    how long til 2dbz changes back to the old format? this shit sucks, no one comments on videos anymore and u cant even see if new shit is worth checking out. we need dope-nope and the main page back, fuck this garbage

    • datbul

      I like Disqus. We can actually converse rather than just comment.

      • shake

        I’m really enjoy being able to talk back and forth now.

        • Shakeem Muhammed

          2DBZ stay evolving. i’m loving this new site layout

        • datbul

          Same. Changes the whole dynamic.

          • shake

            We’re also working on a few more features that will help the user experience.

          • datbul

            Solid. Looking forward to it.

        • Nikky Noir

          shake, I been a dope boy patron since 2008…..this is a daily ritual for me. I am (much like the VAST majority of individuals on here) a musician. I am a beat maker (let’s leave it at that, no genres or boxes). How can I shoot you a reel, that you would have the time in your schedule to listen to? it would be GREATLY appreciated. Email is [email protected] if this is too public a forum, I just didnt know how else to effectively communicate with you. I’ll understand either way, but had to take the opportunity. Also, we appreciate the work that you guys do to bring all this material to us. Thanks kid

    • shake

      We’re not bringing back the old layout so you can forget about that. We are however bringing Dope/Nope back. We just wanna make it more interactive and useful, so it’s taking a little bit of time to develop.

      • datbul

        I dig it. Sounds like a win/win.

      • Dango

        I like the new format. Disqus was a good choice. Keep doin what you’re doing shake!

        • shake

          Thanks man!

          • scoggs

            Only thing I’d say, shake, if you have control over it how bout knocking down the text size of the comments? I think the font size, avatars and indentation of the replies makes the section a bit hard to digest. Just my 2 cents, keep up the good work.

          • shake

            Yeah! I’m trying to figure out how to switch the styling of the over all comment section. This all white text has to go haha.

          • scoggs

            Been doing web for years, if you need a hand drop me a line: scoggs1 @

          • Steve

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          • shake

            That’s a great idea. Definitely gonna throw it around the team.

      • thatrealshit

        yeah i dig the comment section and the fact that you’re bringing dope-nope back. the great thing about the old site was that you could scroll thru and immediately see wat ppl responded to and wat shit was a must to check out that day. i mean in my opinion u guys got big off the old format so why make a major change like this. but i also trust u guys to do ur thing with the new format

        • shake

          I think our success is due to our opinion and ability to not just stay in the mainstream. The old layout also cost a LOT to keep running. Having all those embeds and videos load with each pageview? It was too much.

          I realize it might be an extra click for you to watch/listen to something, but now things will run a lot faster, etc. We’re also working on some stuff to help you run around the site easier.

          • thatrealshit

            i feel u, good luck man, been a fan of the site for a hot minute now so im pullin for it to keep growing

          • shake

            appreciate that. anything you’d like to see?

          • thatrealshit

            nothin that really comes to mind in regards to the music, u guys are on top of that. me and my boys did a blog a couple years back and we tried to get in touch with the culture a little too. maybe start a section or just do some posts here and there on urban-wear, look books, hot sneaker releases, films that resonate with the culture, etc. i know personally i love stayin up to date on shit like that

  • datbul

    Hopefully a remix is coming with Jay-Z verses replacing Timbo’s.

    Saying ‘feat. Jay-Z’ and only having Jay do ad-libs is one stop short of false advertising.

    • shake

      Notice the quotations? And did you read the write-up? I’m guessing no..

      • datbul

        I wasn’t talking about 2dopeboyz. I was talking about the actual CD cover saying ‘feat. Jay-Z’.

        • shake

          Oh, true. Fat Joe did the EXACT same shit man. Terrible.

          • datbul

            Ha. Yeah. All good, though. You guys did your part to advertise it correctly.

  • Timbo did very well on this, in my opinion, but I’m curious how this will do on the charts.

    Ugh! Drake’s verse. The first thing I heard was “I’m a s-s-s-s-s-star in the making” and I just can’t with him.

  • Justin Chunks

    I don’t know why people don’t like Timbaland rapping anymore. I get that he’s a super producer & super producers rarely put verses on their albums anymore but this is what Timbaland DOES! He came out rapping over his beats. Dude rapped on tracks with legends like Aaliyah and Missy. Just because it’s 2013 doesn’t mean we should fuck him off & “replace him with Jay-Z”. This is the shit I missed from Timb. I think the verse was dope.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah this is DOPE. I fuck with Timberland rapping cause thats what he came in the game doing. You might not even call it rapping, idk but damn near all his beats have his ad libs or him saying something or him rhyming. Its the same with Swizz beats. I get it some people dont like it cause they wanna hear Timberland rapping like he’s a member of Slaughterhouse or not rapping at all but imo Timberland makes good music and at the end of the day thats what its about.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean TimbAland

  • may take some time to grow on me. James F brought the record to life though

  • Raymond Samora
  • Prince Akeem

    Im gonna insist on taking credit for the disqus upgrade. a month back i left multiple comments telling them to upgrade their format to disqus b/c it is interactive and you dont have to @ to respond to an earlier comment and hope they read it someday, and we dont have to keep reloading the page and typing out our information for every single comment. i said if this happens within a month chances are they took my advice.2db wont admit it but good job guys petals at my feet

    and fuck dope/nope that shit means nothing. all it is is a dickrider/hater ratio, people be clicking that shit before they even press play.

  • LMK!

    I need a James Fauntleroy album like yesterday. Oh, and Cocaine 80s as well.

  • hh_addict

    It could’ve been much better with a Jay-Z verse and Tim only doing adlibs. Shit is nice though.

  • Drizzy

    average as fuck song. the best of it, james fauntleory >>>

  • Pops

    This shit would be so fire if only it had Hov actually rapping on it. Drake got back to rapping and killed his verse. I just can’t stomach Timbo trying to rhyme. Fauntleroy sounded awesome as usual.