R. Kelly – Black Panties (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on JES7 November 16, 2013

Kellz is gearing up to release his twelfth studio LP, Black Panties on Dec. 10, and today we get a glimpse at the artwork and tracklisting. A few tracks that were supposed to make the cut, including “My Story” and “Tear It Up” appear to be omitted from the final line up.

1. Legs Shake f. Ludacris
2. Cookies
3. Throw Money On You
4. Poetic Sex
5. Marry The Pussy
6. You Deserve Better
7. All The Way f. Kelly Rowland
8. Right Back To My Niggas
9. Spend That f. Jeezy
10. Crazy Sex
11. Shut Up

Deluxe version album cover

  • Prince Akeem

    crazy how everyone is now biting the “sticker in the middle” after kanye did it.

    • shake

      Not sure why that was posted. The official cover art (and deluxe version) have been added to the post.

  • Tired of idiocy

    The man is 45 years old with a song title Marry the Pussy. The man has never grown up.


      Still gets more pussy than yo ass…grown or not :)

    • Gwendolyn Jones Steward


  • Guest

    It’s a shame he straight-up took the DONDA style. He knows damn well they didn’t actually make that.

    This has to flop. Who’s really trying to buy this?

  • datbul

    I haven’t checked for a Kels song since ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.

    Don’t plan to start now.

  • Admir_Bonsoir

    Ya’ll crazy!!! That “Cookie” beat is dumb nice. He writes and produces his own shit. Dude has been in the game for over two decades and has influenced everyone from Trey Songz and Chris Brown to T-Pain and Miguel.

  • Thank Me

    R Kelly is Top 3 pervert of all time… but that man refuses to stop making music

  • What, is he supposed to be playing her like a violin? The hell is the mask for? He needs to piss on whoever shot this crap.

    Ahem… No one’s going to buy this.

  • Maverick

    Read the facts people. R Kelly was aquited of all charges. Even the girl at the time who was 13 and now 23 says that was not her nor R Kelly in the video. Also the jury found him not guilty of all 14 charges. As far as singing about “marry the pussy” why is it ok for Jay Z to rap about pussy and drugs but R Kelly can’t sing about sex. He has been singing about it his entire career and the fans love it (album sales prove it). The man is talented and clearly still has relevance in the game. All the current R&B artist in the game have taken lessons from him.

    • Gwendolyn Jones Steward

      preach, maverick

  • Tyler Flemming

    Let me know when you republicans is making money , music or something other then running your mouth about someone you never met or know. The idiocy is the guy that sits on the computer doing nothing but complaining. Whatever happen to when your mother saying if you dont have something nice to say dont say nothing at all? O wait when you get on the computer you turn into the bravest person in the world. MUSIC Is the soundtrack to someones life and until you do something that makes the world stop and look at you SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Pizzazz

    I wonder if “marry the pussy” is his take on gaga’s “Marry the night”