• Keef

    As many 2chainz and ASAP Rocky's that might not fit the bill for what RTB fans are used to, there needs to be as many folks with big names that are great lyricists to be there. Also, you may want to consider bringing battle rap back to the events


    Well for one thing, they need to stop calling NYC an NYC show when they have been throwing it in Jersey for the past couple of years. No one wants to go to Jersey, let alone for two days in a row for a show. Bring it back to Governors Island or Randall's Island, make it one day like before and leave it at that.

  • desmondmorris

    @mtbrm:disqus +1

  • Kwel

    It could also be that the holograms they were supposed to have created a need for bigger profit from the show. I doubt it was purely because of "low ticket sales" but that they could not maintain the costs of having two separate hologram performances at multiple shows. Not just one like Coachella. 100K being the lowest possible amount to do a hologram all the way up to 400k x how many shows? Either way RTB had fell off from what their shows were to be about. Anyone can see A$AP, Danny Brown, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa at any time. But not everyone, especially young fans that are 20-ish or even younger that listen and want to see Rakim perform, have a chance to see old acts that may not perform as much, let alone at one venue. I got to see Busta Rhymes, Common, Nas, Big Boi, KRS-One, MC Supernatural, Evidence and Alchemist, The Roots, AZ, Styles P, and so on all in one day back in '09. This is what RTB offered but in the past few years, they haven't.

  • http://www.truth2powerfilms.org/ Mike Tyner

    Bring Outkast to NYC Rock the Bells 2014 and all the bad blood will go away