Trinidad James Defends “ATL Runs New York” Comments

blame it on Shake November 16, 2013

Trinidad James, who recently sparked some controversy when he said Atlanta music runs New York during a recent show, jumped on a Skype chat with Sharon Carpenter for RevoltTV to defends his comments and offer more detail to his thought process.

Trini also released a new track earlier this week. Listen to “L.I.A.A.R.S. (Lames Is Always Acting Real Sure)” and let us know where your head is at in the c-section below.

  • ear2ear

    What he said is fact, it’s just the source that’s bothering people. But he’s right NYC is missing their own sound in the mainstream. And I’m talking mainstream, not Joey Badass, Bronson, and the older cats I’m talking about the new guys coming out of NY. It’s karma in a way. NY gave Outkast and other Southern cats no due when they were on the come up an now it’s come full circle with NY biting the south trying to remain relevant in hip-hop’s landscape of today.

    • stylo

      thanx to asap rocky…fukin fag

      • Selorm Amuzu

        ohh yhh cos A$AP wasn’t the reason ppl were even talking about NY hip-hop now lol

        • stylo

          they werent talking about ny they were talking about asap rocky not ny

          • stylo

            nowadays these rappers tryna be mainstream gotta have sum trap shit in there music so people can listen to their shit ..that aint hip hop thats bandwagoning

          • David Leonidas Beauge

            there was plenty of underground talent on asap’s album. don’t get mad at him because hot 97 only plays one song (and even then they just skip to kendrick). He obviously just likes trap beats because there was a bit of everything, including boom-bap

          • MassConglom

            Well actually, A$AP took there whole style from other artist. The whole “wear all black clothes gothic style” The weird text “VSVP” or “asvpxrocky”,and the sci fi trap style they took from Spaceghostpurrp. The “LVL(Levels)” concept off of Rocky’s album he took from a artist named Neako. They even bitin off of the BONE thugs flow…smh. I like Rocky’s music, I just hate that he bites people’s styles.

      • Kev

        Fool if it wasn’t for A$AP Mob NY wouldn’t even be in the mainstream. As much as I love underground Hip Hop with dope lyrics, the truth is Joey Badass isn’t gonna be played in the clubs anytime soon. And if he is than people gonna say he sold out. We need artists like A$AP to get trill to. The challenge is for NY to get into the clubs using their own sound.

        Can it be done with the traditional NY sound? Maybe, but I’m hoping for some new club shit that originates from NY instead of the south. A$AP got the right idea but they just sound too trill to be considered original. A$AP is like trap with NY accents. We need something original.

        • Stian Nicolaysen

          When I started listen to Kendrick Lamar, I never thought that he could be played in the club. Now, he’s played every saturday. People like Joey and Astro is on the come up, they have released two mixtapes. Think about Kendrick at that point, he had released the Kendrick Lamar EP and Overly Dedicated. Nobody knew who he was. And like Shake said in another post, different sounds goes in cycles. If New York artists keep pushing New York-rap, it can be relevant again in the mainstream.

          • shake

            Kendrick also had a ton of mixtapes and whatnot before the EP. People are so needy of stardom at an early stage, they forget you gotta WORK to get ahead.

          • Stian Nicolaysen

            My point exactly. And it’s also a question of longevity in the game, or two hits and one year of stardom. Chose your path.

  • Eric Sanchez

    fuck this guy! lol

  • Jimi Leetmoteev Brxwn

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  • SpaceeGhostt

    To be real with y’all, I’m only 17 so I obviously missed the golden ages of Rap/Hip-Hop, so I’m sad to say I really don’t know the “traditional” NY sound, (unless I go back and get a few classics) I really hope this needed sound comes up, cause I’m curious as hell to hear it.