Lady Gaga & R. Kelly Perform “Do What U Want” On SNL (Video)

blame it on Meka November 17, 2013

So, the Arruh and Lady Gaga (who was the special guest host/performer) made tonight’s SNL a bit more watchable with their sexually-charged performance of their song “Do What U Want” from Gaga’s recently-released album ARTPOP. I really have no words for what you’re about to watch; I just hope that you don’t lose your marbles and/or appetite because of it.

  • JK

    Thank god R Kelly resisted his urge to piss on her

    • Ralph


    • Prince Akeem

      that wasnt predictable

  • Prince Akeem

    gaga the only white female singer with the guts to do this with a black man on american national tv.

  • While I don’t know what the hell they were doing at 3:10, this was a good performance. I’ve never seen Kells perform and that man has good energy.

    The song is enjoyable as well, reminds me of a old school R&B joint (Lord, forgive me for saying a Gaga song is enjoyable).

    Now, allow me to look at the single’s artwork…

  • Josh

    Lol R. Kelly looks like he’s part of G.O.O.D. music circa “Mercy” with that outfit

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Kells has been officially inducted into the sick world of the illuminati.

  • Kelly should never in his natural, sniffer-of-little-girl-bicycle-seats life do a song entitled “Do What U Want”.
    This nigga probably DVR-ing Huggies commercials for “personal use”; I don’t wannna know what this child predator means when he say “Do What U Want”.
    It always gets me heated when people forget this nigga tried wifin’ Aalyiah back when white niggas was dressin’ like Scotty 2 Hotty.

  • Maverick

    Read the facts people. R Kelly was aquited of all charges. Even the girl at the time who was 13 and now 23 says that was not her nor R Kelly in the video. Also the jury found him not guilty of all 14 charges. As far as singing about “marry the pussy” why is it ok for Jay Z to rap about pussy and drugs but R Kelly can’t sing about sex. He has been singing about it his entire career and the fans love it (album sales prove it). The man is talented and clearly still has relevance in the game. All the current R&B artist in the game have taken lessons from him. Dude has talent.

  • Ibrahim Ahmed

    Great performance by any standard. Gaga was surprisingly amazing, we r use to Kelly’s legendary performance. U shld do more collabos pls