Add-2 – Club Church (prod. Khrysis)

blame it on Shake November 18, 2013
add-2 club church khrysis

With the November 21st release date of Add-2’s Khysis-produced JAMLA debut Between Heaven and Hell closing in, the Dopehouse was given the green light to premiere the second single.

Take a listen to “Club Church” below, pick up the first single “Don’t Go” if you haven’t already and be prepared for one of the best projects of 2013..

  • shake

    I’ve been saying this for yeaaaaaars, Add-2 can’t miss. Definitely looking forward to “Between Heaven and Hell.”

    • david

      Indeed, just a few days now right? First time I heard Add-2 was over Common’s Ghetto Dreams, bodied it, been a fan since.

    • Brandon Lewis

      I second this… Looking forward to him Khrysis dropping more bombs. Perfect combo together. Can’t wait for him to Spit over more 9th, Eric G and the rest of the Soul Council beat.

  • disqus_bwtDieGABH

    Easily my favorite rapper right now. So overlooked, so talented. And its just awesome that he signed with Jamla

  • Don_Demarco

    Add-2 is the less bitch version of Lupe.

  • JC

    Dope! Btw, Shake, the new layout is great. Faster loading times and add in the fact you guys are now apart of the daily discussions. Keep up the good work! Thanks for being that bridge to expose old and new artists to the world.

  • bryant lawrence

    Now we just need little brother back…

  • Y-Rap

    Ha! Sooo Dope, and the message in the song is clear especially when you hit the end. Sounds like it’s gonna be a cohesive project.

  • DatN-word

    Been a fan for a min now. Add music never leaves my ipod. I even put a mixtape together from tracks not released on projects “Old shit better than your new shit”…can’t wait for this album to drop. First album I copped in years.