Kanye West Talks “Bound 2” Video, Confederate Flag & More

blame it on Meka November 18, 2013

With the Yeezus tour back in full swing after the slight delay, Kanye resumed the concert-mandated press tour run by stopping at Philly’s Hot 107.9 shortly before the show. In it he talked about the usual: venting about the fashion industry, describing the upcoming video for “Bound 2”, and more.

UPDATE: Ye also stopped by Wired 96.5 to continue his talking tour. Amongst the normal bits, Ye was asked who he’s listening to currently and the new Kardashian revealed who his favorite artist at the moment was… James Blake.

  • wat

    Can someone let me know which vid and what time he talks about the Bound 2 video? I don’t want to sit through like a half hour of ranting about the fashion industry from three different videos.

    • pretty smile doggy #hbk

      2 video

      • wat

        Thank you. Appreciated.

  • BMG™ Prodigy

    Huge Kanye fan but all of this fashion talk from him is getting old. We get it, the fashion world are some dickheads discriminating against him and his superior creative genius because he’s a famous black rapper. I’m not knocking the man for being passionate about the shit, but as a fan of his music specifically, I really wish he focused all of that passion for fashion into his music still. By the way, he should have been doing all of these interviews, Ellen, Kris Jenner, and all of this other promotional shit back when Yeezus was actually released. Maybe he wouldn’t have lost his record of never selling under 400k the first week.

    • Prince Akeem

      he wrote yeezus in like a month and it shows in the lyrics

      • BMG™ Prodigy

        It shows in the everything honestly. The album definitely has some gems: Black Skinhead, New Slaves, Blood On The Leaves, Bound 2. I like Yeezus, but it is easily his weakest album to date.

        • Prince Akeem

          agreed. but i think blood on the leaves is horrible lyrically. “that going to the all the money that the court got” like he added redundant words just to fit the rhythm. “now im holding down the summer now” lol

  • Prince Akeem

    this wasnt an interview this was a dick sucking expo. when are you host going to start challenging people instead of soft ball questions

    • shake

      Never. People are incredibly scared when it comes to being tough with artists. They try to be friends more than anything.

      • Prince Akeem

        seriously. ask him why he complains about the paparazzi but is constantly doing controversial things to make the headlines. ask why he acts like he doesnt know what illuminati is (which i dont believe in), but then wears all seeing eyes and baphomets on his clothes… like when angie asked jay z why onto the next one video had all that illuminati shit in it but then he always plays dumb. he didnt have a good answer for her.

        ask him about the glaring contradictions of dissing corporations and “new slaves” but then makes 100 dollar plain white t shirts. that’s why people are calling him a fake revolutionary, because his actions contradict his words. but these radio dj’s a too worried about their connections to do or say anything truthful.

        ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS. Like when Matt Lauer put kanye on the spot and kanye froze up and didnt know what to say then ultimately threw a fit. THAT’S journalism! Not this cocksucking.

  • Selorm Amuzu

    Truth be told he kinda answered alot of the questons we were thinking about a lil vaguely….. I terms of the confederate flag, it reminds me of the Nazi symbol actually. The Nazi was actually a Buddhist symbol till the germans took it and flipped to become the hateful symbol we all know today. Same thing with the pyramid, a structure create to bury pharaohs, robbed by the west put an eye on it and made it a symbol for the US dollar and the Illuminati ( for the crazies out there). I see what he is tryna do but at the same time certain symbols and icons have been solidified by certain actions that people are simply not gonna co-sign with it… I guess you can’t make a parody of certain things

  • Prince Akeem

    Cant believe that bitch left the house with her hair looking like that. That bleach is turning black women’s brains to mush

  • Eric Sanchez

    I enjoy kanyes passion and i like how hes tryna break through the “glass ceiling” as he said in his bbc interview i dont think rappers should be pigeon held.

  • JHERMM13