Maino Called Trinidad James Demanding Apology Over “ATL Runs NYC” Comment

blame it on Shake November 19, 2013
maino trinidad james

Prior to Trinidad James’ latest video blog “The Truth Will Set You Free” where he defended his “ATL runs NYC” rant, Maino called the “All Gold Everything” rapper and demanded he apologize to the city.

The call was recorded and you can take a listen below.

  • beendatdude

    maino salty

  • beendatdude

    – would it not have been faker for trini to say that shit in atl?
    – were trinis words not true?
    – why does maino sound like hes about to cry?

  • Ghost Robot

    …because we really care what maino has to say about anything

    • That’s the thing. I’m starting to feel like Maino’s irrelevant ass is fishing for some beef.

      It semi-worked for Cassidy.

  • beendatdude

    being a “real nigga” is so full of contradictions. “real nigganess” demands telling the truth, and telling the truth to peoples faces as opposed to on shit like twitter/etc/etc. trinidad james behaved like a “real nigga,” and yet other “real niggas” is salty? its like a fraternity built on war amongst its constituents.

  • Aaron G

    lmfaoooo nigga trinidad a hoe

  • Ralph Lauren Nunez

    Maino not the best rapper out of NY but he sure do rep NY hard the same way alot of NY feel about Jerome comment

  • Eric Sanchez

    wayne said some foul shit about NY too a minute ago why didnt he grilled? lol

  • DatN-word

    Nigga getting all mad and shit just because they got the truth from “one of the shittiest rappers in the game”. Fuck em if they can’t handle it. I remember Maino used to talk about NY doing too much south shit and then he caught a lil buzz and switched his whole shit up. Now he doing threats and shit like niggas ain’t got killas with them too. Typical NY Dickhead rapper.

  • Cosmo_G_Spacely

    These grown ass men talkin like they still in highschool. Stay in school people.

  • classic


  • Chromewaves

    Who the fuck is Maino and why he mad?

  • PartyNextDoor

    whos maino? juan baptista maino?

    39 year old rapper with 2 albums 09 and 2010

    latest singles one with roscoe dash, ole for roscoe dash, that nigga maino call u for rescue. and one with that girl singing. the last 1 aint even a million views… fist singles hi hater, also with the all star remix,aint even million views, million bucks neither,and it is shit……the only single that is platinum is all the above, all thanks to t-pain….bcuz imagine maino with this instrumental without t-pain…yuck..

    maino this is a slap in your face… for what?? all i tryna say is, stop with this bullshit it’s no bueno for yourrr threatened career……

  • ear2ear

    The fact that Maino of all people is the most adamant about this whole issue proves Trinidad James’ point.

  • SaltineCracker

    Maino must have forgot about when snoop and them were stomping on the buildings…The whole west coast east coast beef…tupac…biggie. Yeah ok… “no ones ever disrespected our city like that”

    • A_Dilla06

      yeah and then they CNN made LA LA…and mobb deep made drop a gem…foh…you must be a 90’s baby

      • SaltineCracker

        You missed the point completely. Trinidad James saying what he said isn’t the most disrespectful thing to happen to NY in regards to hip-hop. Theres no reason Maino should have said that when theres countless other things that happened that were way worse. Everyone knows CNN and Mobb deeps response to those songs…FOH…you must have been a 80’s crack baby.

        • A_Dilla06

          nah you missed the point. All of those actions had consequences. No one has ever disrespected ny and gotten away with it. Also that was a effn green screen. James was in ny talking wreckless he had to be checked. FOH

          • SaltineCracker

            Ok and how does Trinidads actions not have consequences? He already had Charlemagne ether him and has Maino reacting and threatening him. No one gives a fuck about NY hip-hop on a commercial level or even on an underground level anymore. The only ones still doing it from New York are the GOATS and a bunch of new age clowns who are just recycling older styles and playing catch up. NYs sound has had an identity crisis for the last decade. You got Maino stepping up to defend y’all? thats the best NY has? Youre also mistaken about Dogg Pound New York, New York. There are shots of them in time square, that wasn’t green screened. You sound like a bitter New Yorker. Get back to wearing your timbs and carhart beanies no one cares about dusty bitter ass New York and its unorganized garbage.

          • A_Dilla06

            lol…you’re taking this ish to a whole different level. On your dogg pound point yeah there were scenes of them walking through New York, but the kicking down buildings parts, which you referred to;was absolutely a green screen. As for all your NY bashing and hate it’s not even worth going through. Hip Hop in general is weak no matter what region. I guess you’re just living up to your name. A salty ass cracker……FOH.

  • Ric

    This nigga maino sound like a scorned baby mama attacking Trinidad. Here’s the real question: Why do these emotional ass NY rappers who are 150% irrelevant always step up to the plate like we give a shit about them “reppin for their city”?

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    this was more Maino showing how much of a hoe the nigga is. I didn’t even hear James talk the whole time

  • truth

    Maino shouldn’t be mad it TJ he should be mad at himself for not making good music and he should be mad at NY because they aren’t supporting his music. Like eatshit said he just got salty because a sub par rapper told his city the truth.

  • [email protected] men mentioning Malcolm X in their niggafied diatribes.
    Maino said “nigga” so many times in this dumb shit I felt offended.
    I need an apology from Maino for makin’ me feel like an extra in 12 Years a Slave for listenin to this dumb fuckshit. I’m afraid to make direct eye contact with white people now thanks to Maino’s nigga-isms in this shit.
    Where my apology at, Maino?

  • ALL OF YOU FUCKWITS, FUCKBWOIS all that….are so blinded by your who’s hot mentality, FUCKING TRINDAD and his wack ass…you totally over see the point…ITS ABOUT RESPECT! everyone these days feels like they can just say shit and not get dealt with, Maino is a real street cat…I really hope he catches a beat down for this when he steps in NY!! Kill that faggot…and if you know your history idiot the whole NY VS LA think was sparked by Capone n Nore…they took first shot

  • Travis

    Maino is such a mo-mo

  • hiphopanon

    *this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes*

  • casserole

    Trinidad James might not be a good rapper but he real. NY niggas is working with feelings they mad they music aint popping I’m a say this fuck NY rap

  • LebanonDon

    Not taking sides but what has Maino done again?

  • NOMED…1

    Who in tha FUK is Maino??? This wack ass rapper from NYC,,,Everyone hatin’ on my NIG TRINI,,,1 SONG EVERYONE REPPIN’,,,DON’T BELIEVE ME JUS WATCH!!!!!