• Ghost Of Len Bias

    One of said "spot dates" is allegedly CounterPoint Festival in Atlanta, according to females that know promoters on my Facebook >__>

    • Mez D

      I'd rather have just an Outkast show but either way I hope this is true I'll buy a ticket as soon as its announced.
      Still might fly out to Coachella too

  • shake

    Pleeeeeeease happen.

  • LifeOfMRod

    They're going to get Big Boi... and an André 3000 hologram.

  • hiphopanon

    i wonder if this means new music is on the way as well? considering my first album ever purchased was southernplayalistic AND i have never had the opportunity to see them rock together LIVE... i would probably spend an arm/leg to watch this go down... even tho i loathe festivals lol

  • Mitch

    Well when Dr. Dre said he was doing Coachella, I expected a lot and all I got was a hologram (nothing spectacular & no new music). Don't get your hopes up - I'm not expecting a reunion or new music this time around. They'll probably do a show and then disappear again...

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      well the problem here is that you're expecting unrealistic shit to happen. There was nothing about Dre coming out with new music. The biggest draw was the Tupac hologram anyway. And you somehow look over that as if current technology is already ages ahead of Holograms performing on stage. There's nothing here saying Outkast is working on music. They're reuniting on stage. thats it.

      • Mitch

        Yeah I know but that was the perfect time to do something big - This is also but I'm just saying I'm not getting my hopes up unlike I did 2 years ago. Nothing wrong with that

  • http://str8outdaden.com/ Str8OutDaDen.com

    man don't play with me like this. that would make my year. i just want to see them perform one more time and im good to go

  • Justin Blantey


  • Lodidodida

    Is this is true, I need tickets asap. Outkast has never failed me once.

  • gorge jung

    Too bad all the shows are going to be arenas adn stadiums making the show itself pointless with soooooo many shitty people. Hit The Fillmore or even the Warfield if yall come to SF.

  • Jordan

    Money Over Bullshit