Dom Kennedy Talks Independent Success

blame it on Meka November 20, 2013

Dom – fresh from releasing his latest album Get Home Safely – has been named Pepsi’s “Artist of the Week.” In the sitdown, which can be viewed here, the West Coaster speaks on his album, his teenage years and more. He also speaks on the the freedom of being independent and the success he’s received thus far.

Music has openly accepted Independent artists and guys like you, Macklemore, Mac Miller, and just recently Nipsey Hussle with his ingenious marketing plan have thrived. Talk about the significance of the success you guys are having as independent artists and what that means to music?

Man, it’s great. It’s great to show people different ways of not taking no for an answer and what happens when you count people out on certain things. If anything, that’s what me and Nipsey are currently doing right now. It’s a great feeling to be a part of that. Just to be even mentioned musically, business wise, – but mainly music – helps draw light to the fact that we want to be respected and remembered as artists, and as men that are putting out quality rap records.

You can also catch Dom in the new “She In My Car” video alongside Casey Veggies.

  • One of the Best albums of the year.

    • Thank Me

      I respectfully disagree with this. I’ve always been a fan of Dom and I root for his success but it wasn’t a top 5 album.

      • so it sucks if its not top 5?

        • $nicka

          I like GHS but yellow album was definately better

        • Thank Me

          No that logic makes no sense. It could be the 6th best album and still be great. The album didn’t suck, but it underwhelmed.

          • los1992

            I didnt think it was as good as it washyped up to be but its still one of the best albums of the year

          • los1992

            But his best work is everything from frwwl one through the yellow album