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2DOPE PREMIERE: Add-2 & Khrysis – Between Heaven and Hell (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka November 21, 2013
add-2 khrysis between heaven and hell

At long last, the JAMLA debut by the Chicago spitter (and friend of the DopeHouse) and the North Carolina producer is here, with the likes of Rapsody and GQ making contributions as well. Tracklist, stream, and link below.

between heaven and hell tracklist

DOWNLOAD: Add-2 & Khrysis – Between Heaven & Hell [iTunes]

  • cam

    This shxt is bouta be ILL AF!!!

    BTW: Am I the only one that still listens to Save.Our.Souls.?!? I know he came out with More Missed Calls but Save.Our.Souls stuck with me. I still be listenin to it. That shxt is still FLAMES!!!!!!

    • brooks

      It’s always once to get new music from The One Man Duo! It’ll be nice to have something to slap over this weekend.

      And cam, if you like Save.Our.Souls (Which is a well put together album), you should probably listen to the several albums he released prior ;^)

      I’ve been hook to this guy since “Luxury.” Go back and find my post about it, I was too juiced!

      • cam

        I have the rest of his projects. I found out about him when I listened to volume 4 &I immediately went back and downloaded his prior projects. I really loved volume 3 as well! Luxury, Starter Jacket, Martin &Gina, Cloudy Skies! I love all his albums.
        But for some reason Save.Our.Souls hit me the most. That album prolly did Save My Soul!!!

        • AndOneill

          man ‘Losing Me’ off of Save.Our.Souls prob one of my favorite songs ever.. the lyrics and his story in that,, Dam.!!!

    • AndOneill

      naw u aint the only one man..!! still myself i listen to all his stuff well mostly

      ‘More missed calls’
      ‘save our souls’
      ‘one missed call’
      and all of the ‘tales of two’s city’ joints

      he is a real talent and im glad he signed with jamla, the production is gonna be insane for all his projects.

    • DatN-word

      All his mixtapes are in my ipod. Never to be removed. Real shit. He’s been my fav artist for a couple years now. I just wish I could find Tale of Two’s City vol 1.

      • disqus_bwtDieGABH

        I dont know why that is so hard to find lol

      • shake

        I see you have some of my artwork on your iPod then haha. I did v.2 and 3.

        • DatN-word

          Keep doing your thing. You do some pretty nice work.

  • YeeZus

    I listen to all of dudes stuff, been a fan since day uno! This guy is talented as fuck

  • Q Z A

    OKAY! where my headphones at…

  • Brad Massey

    WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!

  • Guest

    i heard khrysis and came runnin!

  • Add 2 + 9th = 11th Wonder

    Add 2, Khrysis, & Jamla is delivering that culture Hip Hop back. I’m expecting big things for Add 2 on his next release.

    What’s up with adding your password, just so you could make a comment on a thread… that’s some shady shit 2dopeboyz.

  • lu

    the death of chicago joint is super tough!

  • Dro Fresco

    Add-2 is def in his own lane not trying to compare, but am I the only one that feels like your listening to old Kanye in a way? Im talking bout that College Dropout/Late Registration. Mixed with a little bit of vintage Lupe. Either way Add-2 is one of fav’s. Mos def a underrated dude in the game.

  • M Jay

    add-2 big fan brother. keep doin’ wha cha do!

  • satori06

    umm yeah. this.. was hot. i didnt expect less #jamla does their thing

  • joniwalkersimmons