• rolldatbud420

    kurupt shutup you madd Queens dissed ya on ''La La'' and then Mobb deep went to cali and did they show with no problem and performed ''Drop A Gem On Dem'' (2pac diss)

    • deeznuuts

      shut up you have no idea clue dumbass

    • Matt Redpath

      yah if we were talking about a battle rap kurupt in his prime would eat all of these nigga's for breakfast, mobb deep ate off one song they're whole career , and for nas he is the champion one the best song writers in the history of rap 2nd to pac, so you shut the fuck up and don't forget biggie let everyone know kurupt was the best west coast mc ever, that's why in 95 he battle 1000 east coast rappers and won each one , get your facts straight cause the way you sound, you seem happy they got shot at.

    • Spirit Equality

      You're telling fairy tales and were clearly not around at the time. Mobb Deep got bum-rushed for trying to perform "LA, LA" in L.A. Besides that, Prodigy was so shook, he had his verse removed from the official release of the song (LOL). Prodigy also never responded to Pac while he was alive and even on "Drop A Gem", he was too shook to refer to Pac by name. Prodigy never said anything in an interview about Snoop and them knocking over the buildings until the late 90s and instead of dissing Snoop, he dissed Jay-Z for saying "New York ain't been the same since Snoop knocked over the buildings". WTF, dissing the NY rapper responding instead of the LA (Long Beach) rapper who knocked the buildings over? LMAO!!!

  • jizzle

    Lol...'Red' from "Friday" made the beat...cray.

    • kp

      do your background hes got shitloads of hits.