• Justin Blantey

    When the president disses you, you know it's time to go back to your old style. Wake up 'Ye!

    • PHInePrint

      You the one who needs to Wake Up

  • fonzo517


  • Prince Akeem

    lol this guy is unbelievable. still trying to play the victim. take your l ffs. it's not obama's fault youre jack ass. like kimmel said, the whole world thinks youre a jack ass. not because theyre out to get you but because you behave like a fucking jackass. jesus christ. this guy is just too proud to take ownership of his actions.

    ive always defended kanye but ive honestly just had enough of this guy.

    • datbul


    • http://www.about.me/KNZO KNZO

      why do you have to defend kanye in the first place? stop over-reacting over nothing and move along.

      • Prince Akeem

        as if there is anyone on the internet that doesnt have an opinion?

  • Cigar Nigga

    so many haters for kanye......nah..