Random Acts Of F*ckery: The Justice Systems Stays Losing

blame it on JES7 November 23, 2013

I recently stumbled upon this story on reddit, and after watching the report on it, it made my blood boil. These type of stories shouldn’t bother me this much because we all know it’s a daily operation (read: targeting minorities, a la Stop & Frisk), yet it’s still an issue of concern. Kalief Browder from the Bronx was just 16 when he was misidentified as a robbery suspect and sent on an upnorth trip for a three year stint. For something he never committed. An innocent 16 year old sent to do a bid in the infamous Riker’s Island.

“I spent three New Year’s in there, three birthdays…,” Browder, now 20, said in a recent interview with WABC, adding that he was released with “no apology.”

Then one day, without so much as an apology, Kalief was released; thrown back into society. No explanation. Nada. Thankfully, he’s got a civil rights lawyer on his side, and I damn sure hope this brother sees some real justice and sues the fuck out of the city. I hate to be the cynical one here, but let’s keep it 100, this type of bullshit will never cease, as long as we continue to be ignorant of our constitutional rights and our unethical justice system. There are so many men who share the same story as Kalief: Derrick Deacon released after 25 years for a murder he did not commit, Ryan Ferguson released after nearly 10 years for a murder he had no part in. And another recent case in which Michael Morton was released after spending 25 years in prison because a corrupt prosecutor kept evidence from Morton’s attorney. The most fucked up part about it? That same DA got a fucking slap on the wrist: 10 days in jail, 500 hours of community service, a $500 fine and being disbarred.

  • Jared McGhee

    I see discrimination is still strong in New York even with the Barneys shit happening SMH pathetic man! Even when people in our race that try to do good and stay away from the fuck shit we still get profiled

    Lord help us all

  • Excalibur

    Yet that bastard Zimmerman is still allowed to prowl. Sickening.

  • Selorm Amuzu

    You cant be mad at ppl wanting the justice system to burn down with every corrupt member in those flames when shit like this occurs !

  • TopUndaDawg

    dam new york and florida all fucked up

  • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

    I thought this was gonna be the story from Florida where the police stopped and searched a black man 258 times in front of his job for trespassing at his job..