• Thank Me

    That performance was a 10/10. The energy from the band was amazing.

  • shake

    JT stays winning. You see the thirst?

  • Matchz Malone

    My guess... The album version doesnt sound this good.

    • who cares

      To be fair something like this wouldn't work well within the context of the album. It was specifically altered this way for a grand, larger-than-life performance. The album version is much more reserved in comparison, but still dope, in my opinion.

  • who cares

    This man is so fucking insane. One of my favorite cuts off of 2 of 2, and the performance was crazy.

    • http://www.about.me/KNZO KNZO

      for real. the energy JT and his band gave was amazing.

  • Justin Kamerer

    Agree with everyone...absolute master performance. I do wish JT had more substance to his songs but damn, this is the pinnacle of pop to me...about the only type of pop I can tolerate these days...