Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Beat Out Kendrick Lamar & Jay Z for AMA’s Rap/Hip-Hop “Album of the Year”

blame it on Shake November 24, 2013
macklemore ryan lewis

The 2013 American Music Awards aired tonight. Going in, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis lead the pack with six nominations, beating out both Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift, who had five each.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis didn’t win all their categories, but they did end up taking home the Favorite Album (Rap/Hip-Hop) award; which found The Heist beating out Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city and Jay Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail. During his acceptance speech (shown below), the Seattle emcee dedicated the award to Trayvon Martin and took some time to speak on racial profiling.

A complete list of winners can be found below.

Artist of the Year
Taylor Swift  [WINNER]
Justin Timberlake
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Bruno Mars

Single of the Year
Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly – “Cruise” [WINNER]
Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell & T.I. – “Blurred Lines”
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz – “Thrift Shop”

Icon Award

New Artist of the Year
Ariana Grande [WINNER]
Florida Georgia Line
Imagine Dragons
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Phillip Phillips

Favorite Male Artist — Pop/Rock
Justin Timberlake [WINNER]
Bruno Mars
Robin Thicke

Favorite Artist — Rap/Hip-Hop
Jay Z
Lil Wayne
Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis [WINNER]

Favorite Album — Rap/Hip-Hop
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist [WINNER]
Jay Z – Magna Carta… Holy Grail
Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. city

Favorite Male Artist — Soul/R&B
Justin Timberlake [WINNER]
Robin Thicke

Favorite Female Artist — Soul/R&B
Rihanna [WINNER]
Alicia Keys

Favorite Album — Soul/R&B
Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience [WINNER]
Rihanna – Unapologetic
Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

  • shake

    Ohhhh, folks gonna be mad about this one.

    • mega mega

      Kendrick performance was really whack tho! Those white folks looked bored as hell, well everyone did

      He should have performed M.A.A.D. City


    This is what kissing the LGBT community ass does for your career

    Wow! smh

  • Stevie Janowski

    If they win the Grammy over Kendrick I’ll be heated

    • Goldberg brain

      I think they will……Unfortunately

  • Guest

    you mean to tell me that white people won at the white people awards???

    • Lodidodida

      word. this is entirely unsurprising.

    • datbul


  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Great album.

    Not better than GKMC.

    • Dondewan Walker

      GKMC is a like a fucking movie you can’t stop watching, you just repeat it over and over again because you cant just get enough you agree?

      • Ghost Of Len Bias

        Definitely. GKMC is the best hip-hop album to come out since it’s release.

        I just know people are gonna come in and act like The Heist wasn’t a good album because Macklemore’s a white non-homophobe, when in reality, if a black person made that album, they’d be in the discussion with Pac and Nas as far as quality albums with lyrical content (and dude went platinum)

        • MRCurtis

          It doesn’t matter if he is white or black he would never even be in that discussion that is just retarded it is a good album at best plus I have seen him live and it was the worst live act I have ever seen he talked more then half the time he was up there at least when Kanye does that shit he makes it intersting

        • Dondewan Walker

          GKMC Better get a Grammy or an Oscar cause GKMC changed my whole opinion on hip hop and music.
          on Control he said “they don’t wanna hear not one noun or verb from you niggas” i was already doing that, when i started to listen to Kendrick everybody else sounded more and more like trash to me (Ex:everybody on the radio right now) i dont like nobody else’s music except for niggas that can really rap and who can tell a story in their rhymes (MGK,Eminem,J.Cole) can anybody else relate?


  • I think Jay should of won, but congrats anyway!

  • Johnny Blaze

    man i really did respect these dudes even though i didnt like their music but after all this LGBT shit and now a trayvon martin shout out… so damn corny cmon guys

    • shake

      Just to be fair, Macklemore really stands by this stuff and it’s not just talk to him.

      • marty mcfly

        I will give him that though. He does stand for things and his music has actual subject matter. Most of these rappers need to at least try and do some of that at some point during their 15 mins.

        • shake

          Exactly. I still don’t understand the hate he receives from hip hoppers.

  • Mitch

    These guys are idiots – Who in their right mind would address a social issue in their acceptance speech, and then do it wrong on top of that? I’m sorry, but leave it to the white people to bring up racism. The Trayvon Martin case had NOTHING to do with profiling – it was criticism of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. If you’re going to do something like that, make sure you do it correctly. The least they could have done is call it Homicide and mention the thousands of kids who are killed DUE to homicide…

    Nope racial profiling it is – GG Wacklemore (End Rant)

    P.S. Kendrick’s album should have won, but their album was better than Hov’s (Sorry but Jay could have done a lot better and been less lazy with his lyrics)

    • krow132

      You wouldn’t call a white hispanic man following a young black man because he has a hoodie and there were several robberies in that area racial profiling?

      • Mitch

        It’s not that I’m not calling it racial profiling – it was a crime that was played up by the media (it was they who called it racial profiling) that just needs to be forgotten already. If you did pay attention to the trial, it was more about the “Stand Your Ground” law more than anything. Besides it wasn’t racial profiling, it was homicide that killed Trayvon. There is no proof that it was racial profiling and that Zimmerman’s actions were a result of his hatred toward blacks. I’m just calling it as I see it, but this should not have been brought up by Macklemore (or anyone at all).

        • krow132

          I get that the case itself is not racial profiling as much as it is about homicide or stand your ground, but to say that racial profiling was not involved when he was told to stay back and let the police handle it anyway is being naive.

          I played very close attention to the trial although there is no explicit proof that he racial profiled at the end of the day, he followed when told not to. And he said he did so because it what he thought was a shady character with a hoodie on and there was alot of robberies before. Thats profiling

  • Yakko Warner

    these niggas’ musically sound like they would be the background music for “keeping up with the kardashians” for shame

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    GKMC has too much filler to be considered a classic, hop off Kendrick’s nuts.

    And hopefully Macklemore win the Grammy too just to piss off you hip-hop purists even more….then proceed to rim each other in their acceptance speech for extra saltiness.


      You have never written a comment that i agreed with! but judging by your pic maybe i should just laugh at you and not take you serious

      • Katekarin Reverie


  • matt

    Are you actually serious? Damn Push had a better album than these two guys…

    • mehh I expected more from Pusha’s first solo album.. too many features and too many fillers..

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      His album was better, but this is the AMA so do not expect it to appeal to other groups. It is strictly mainstream America and their interpretation of the best, not our take but theirs lol.

  • Mac Dre

    It was better than Jay’s album. Not GKMC though. But don’t act like The Heist wasn’t good. It was one of the best, and Macklemore has been getting slept on for all of the other lists (like MTV’s Hottest MCs).

    • mega mega


      • Katekarin Reverie


    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Nah brah, MCHG was still better than the Heist. I still think the Heist is a good pop record, but MCHG is the better pop record IMO. It is not so exaggerated and corny as some of the songs on the Heist.

  • Dead n’ buried in [email protected] being considered an “icon”, let alone winning an award for being an “icon”.
    Real talk, this the type of shit that leave niggas exhaling perpetually. Have niggas takin’ long walk to nowhere with that Charlie Brown Christmas song playing inside ya head n shit.
    Man, fuck it; I’m ’bout go play five finger fillet by myself using my own chest as the table.

  • ear2ear

    I’m happy that Macklemore came out of nowhere and just became an icon. I’m happy he stands by what he says. But point blank this guy is corny. The artistry of his music is so generic and cliche that it takes away from the power of his message.

  • flo

    Kendrick might be waiting on that Grammy now, smh.

  • props to the winners tonight but we all know the grammy awards holds the most credibility for musicians, so hold your horses.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      I dont even know why everyone’s complaining about AMAS when the GRammys is what actually matters which truth be told they will win regardless

      • that’s why i’m saying ‘hold your horses’ cuz if RL & MM do with a grammy for hip-hop album for the year………….. idk, mane. idk.

        • Selorm Amuzu

          He will just of the strenght of his three main songs especially same Love ! ppl seem to forget white ppl are more open to alot of stuff which makes it possible for them to get away with certain songs with certain subject matter and the fact he is hip-hop ( love it or hate it ) white America will say it’s groundbreaking even though it’s the same shit the pop artist been singing about for decades lol … I hope Kendrick wins cos Jay doesn’t need another Grammy lol but I’m not gonna be offended if Macklemore wins

  • Sticky

    I would take this more seriously if jay-z wasn’t nominated, , if this wins it for the grammys, they’ll lose any credibility they still have. white people love him tho, not saying he isn’t talented but damn

  • PV

    The AMA’s are decided by the fans. why are people surprised by this outcome? Macklemore’s target audience extends beyond hiphop (he makes pop records) and those are the people that watch the AMA’s in the first place. They just take this shit more seriously than us hip-hop heads

  • marty mcfly

    Did you really think they would give the award to Kendrick over Macklemore? Of course not. Macklemore will now win any award in which rap is involved (unless its the BET awards but there some minstrel show ass niggas behind that network too), just like Taylor Swift basically wins at all things involving music at this point. This time next year people will be saying Macklemore the the GOAT MC Lol

  • Rodmatic

    really tho? this is when a Kanye rant is acceptable on stage. Yeh Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis are pretty damned good, but still comparison to good kid m.a.a.d. city they shouldve been lastly picked

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    why do I feel like even the people who didn’t know Macklemore and Ryan Lewis voted for them anyways? Am I a low key racist?

  • jordan

    u guys are haters. color has nothing to do with this. 2 guys from xxl freshman blew up independently and had a smash year. meanwhile jay z just sold all his records because he is jay z(album was done in like a week and was just average ) and kendrick got a push from one of the biggest artists like dre,eminem,50,jay,gaga,drake etc… kendrick is so overrated holy shit.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Em is overrated too forgot to mention him I see. His album was sold off the strength of his name as well, and that shit was cheesy JS. I actually thought Jay-Z’s album was good. If anybody else came out with that shit people would be saying it is hot. Alas Jay-Z is “mainstream”, so he warrants the hate LOL.

      Meanwhile we do not bat an eye for these pop rappers, (looks at Em) who come up with some horrible shit that everybody swallows and now he is the greatest. Kendrick is overrated somewhat, but shit at least he did not give me MMLP2.

      • jordan

        eminems album sucked dick. not even worth mentioning it. soon as i say something negative about kendrick some people get butthurt

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          I am not hurt, but IMO Em’s album was one of the worst this year just throwing it out there. You seem anal about talent, nobody mentioned his race you did. His music is pop and does not appeal to a vast majority of real hip-hop fans.

          Like it or hate it Jay-Z’s album was overall more hip-hop than MM’s. GKMC/Section 80 is still better than the Heist sonic-ally/musically/lyrically and you are not talking to a Kendrick fan, but an Ab-soul fan, so nothing people say to me matters anyway LOL.

          • jordan

            listen i mentioned race because people above mentioned it. they said that they won because they are white. all i said was that this 2 guys came out and had an amazing year because they were underdogs and were not as famous as kendrick or jay z. both singles were bigger than jay-z’s and kendrick’s. i listen to jay z and kendrick. i dont listen or like this two guys that won. go to youtube and compare the views that those two white guys get and then compare the views jay z and kdot get.

  • Freshsup

    I thought the album was much better than Holy Grail, more creative, better beats and subject matter but GKMC is an all-time classic. These awards don’t matter tho, I DO hope he brings home the well deserved Grammy. If Drake won for Take Care….

  • Sicko

    Not surprised especially at an award show like AMA’s. I don’t blame the White Artist because they get overrated by CLUELESS White POP Fans who don’t know shit about Hip Hop they just jump on who ever gets talked about the most. Macklemore did have a big year though so no hate on him at all but AMA’s been Full Of Shit so is the Grammy’s!

  • Luke Foord

    How can album of the year include an album from last year

  • fonzo517

    didnt kendricks album come out in oct of 2012 tho?

  • david

    Kendrick should know that’s what happens when you put out an album half way between hip-hop and pop. If you want the AMA’s and the pop crowd to make you the winner you gotta go all the way pop. Can’t tell me GKMC was the best hip-hop album of the year though, neither of those 3 albums are.

  • Uno The Gawd

    Macklemore promoting that Gay agenda that’s why he won. don’t stay sleep on this.

  • Gil.

    How the fuck does he beat out Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar? Good Kid M.A.A.D. City was, in my opinion, the best rap album in the past couple of years, and an instant classic. I swear, Macklemore only won this shit cause he’s white…