Rich Homie Quan – I Will Never Stop Going In (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake November 26, 2013
rich homie quan cover

Fresh off helping B.o.B preview his Underground Luxury LP, DJ Drama is back on the Dopehouse pages with Rich Homie Quan. Joining forces, the two drop off Quan’s Gangsta Grillz mixtape, I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In. 17 tracks featuring contributions from Problem, Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, ‘Shit and more. Stream/download below.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Homie Quan – I Will Never Stop Going In (Mixtape)

  • Scott Williams

    Fuck you’re a faggot Shake. I really hope one of these days one of these Southern rappers you and Meka diss meet you and put you in the hospital.

    • LaFlame

      Seriously Meka’s description for the Migos today was #trollrap

    • I run Zamunda!

      Rich Homie Quan does suck though. As far as Southern rappers there are some great ones but Rich Homie Quan qualifies as trash. Next year, he will be working at the same Walmart with Ca$h Out.

      • deon

        or you just one of those h.a.t.e.r.s that just mad cause he successful and you not

        • I run Zamunda!

          “Haters” are an excuse for idiots who don’t want to hear the truth.

    • King Krash

      im from the south and i can safely say this nigga more garbage then wet newspaper. . .

    • Hey Now!

      It’s ok. These guys can hate the South all they want but that’s not going to change much.

      • I run Zamunda!

        Things changed, nobody from the South went platinum in 2013 LOL

  • MusicHead

    Nah y’all can’t be serious.. Rich Homie Quan on some real shit..homie def know how to make dope songs/records ..he catchy as hell and can actually rap. I guess he ain’t lyrical & got some Atlanta driven style to him, y’all gon slander him? Do y’all know rap is still music right? It’s not no rule book to rap or sound a certain way.


    fuck what all these hat in niggas talking bout, rich homie go in, niggas be actin like when one of his songs come on the radio, they don’t be singing and rappin it, at the end of the day all this negative talk ain’t stopping his money

  • Lance Geneva

    Love all of these new ATL newcomers.. Fantastic shit coming out of that city.. And the fact that they embrace new talent so easily is such a win for everyone.. And Rich Homie is FAR from a Future clone lol

  • ZeeCub

    Man this tape is so good!

  • Hey Now!

    I really like track 11 Make That Money – reminds me of a southern 50 Cent – something about the voice that makes Quan special. He’s an avid worker in the studio from what I heard too…wouldnt be surprised if he has a nice career.

  • Jay Doshing

    UK likes this. Entry track is real. Keep it positive. So many haters its almost become a sport.

  • kinG

    This mixtape knoccn 1-17 FUCC wat u heard…Rich Homie Fire son and I’m a city [email protected] born and raised